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Neon Socks come to light

Posted On: 2021-01-14

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Have you seen a Rainbow Socks sock that looks like a glowing tube bent into a neon L? Oh, stop kidding us, you've certainly seen this - such vivid, glowing colours are impossible to miss! Check what our neon socks have in common with real neon lights and get yourself in the 80's mood in those gloomy autumn days.

Legs of three people wearing colourful socks, in a car.

Pulsating vibrant city, bustling twilight, and you – radiant and full of energy, heading to the gym. Vivid colours go well with the evening buzz or a morning jog – our Neon Sport Socks and other socks from our neon family can bring this vividness to your everyday life! How a sock can be neonish and why our socks are a masterpiece that almost measures up to the neon itself? Check it out!

Stop and stare! „Liquid fire” on the streets, buildings, and… feet

The USA citizens called the first neon outdoor installations a „liquid fire” for their magical glow, which was intriguing to say the least in the early 20’s America. Even today, the fluorescent tube coatings and old-school neon signs seem lovely! Both the kaleidoscopic fashion of the technicolour 80’s and the design trends of our times are marked by the strong, polychromatic, rainbow-like colours of those luminous baubles.

We wouldn't be ourselves if we hadn't awarded the cultural hit with ... socks! Dedicated to those who have a fondness for neon lights. Let us introduce….

…Neon socks – fluffy, energetic, air-permeable, optimistic… Call them as you wish!

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” – said Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian chromatic wizard. Do you want to kill two birds with one stone and take care of both the right amount of colour for the soul and the comfort for your feet? See what we have for you in the offer of our neon-coloured socks… Not only colourful and fun, but also high-tech – they are designed for all outdoor and indoor activities you can think of!

Group of people at the gym, wearing colourful socks and shoes

  • We care about your safety! All our Neon Non Slip Sport Socks with ABS Grips are made of materials that are both soft and durable.
  • To be really comfortable! That is why we have created socks that are not only breathable and flexible, but also cozy – terry cloth is a real treat for the tired feet!
  • Socks for the whole gang! We have created the same comfortable and intensely colorful socks for children. Children's Neon Sport Socks will let your kids feel like sportsmen, such as mum or dad!

Kid's feet on the bed, neon socks, blanket

Do you want all the neon lights in town? Hurry up then!

“Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colourful. The world needs your prismatic soul!” – that’s from Amy Leigh Mercree. Well, we can only add… prismatic is charismatic, so do not hesitate to wear our neon socks proudly – we made them for you!

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