Fast foods – healthy? Sure! Prove us wrong!

Fast food absolution

Posted On: 2021-06-25

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We all have our moments of weakness – crispy bread, greasy fries and juicy hamburgers. Yummy! But… are fast foods healthy at all? Well, in fact, there are some benefits to fast food that may be enough to quiet remorse for a few bites … Check out how to talk yourself into eating fast food with a clear conscience and no regrets. Stop looking up to your hummus-and-salad mates – with these arguments you’ll knock their socks off!

Fast foods that are healthy - woman is receiving meal socks box as a gift

We know you don’t want to eat tons of fries – just a portion or two, once in a while – why not? But how can we explain all this to disbelievers that only scold and criticise? Don't worry – as the proud producers of the gloriously trim Meal Socks, we’re here to help!

Fast foods that are healthy – a girl holding a box of socks resembling french fries

Fast foods that are healthy – are all potato-based specialties among them? 

Debunking the first myth – potatoes are not the reason for gaining weight (that’s all the dressings and oil, but hush!). That said, let's focus on reasons why you should count potatoes as crucial ingredients of healthy fast food:

  • One medium-sized potato provides you with almost 20% of the daily requirement for vitamin C that boosts up your immune system 

  • Potatoes are a great source of all minerals required for your organism to work smoothly. Potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, sodium, fluorine, iodine and sulphur – a nutritional dream team!

  • You’ve heard of carbohydrates, right? A source of energy (ketones being another), they're a must-have in each diet … Good news – potatoes are simply full of carbs! So if you don't have enough energy even for your morning walk to work, stop by for some fries – they’ll give you a boost!

One burger a year keeps the doctor… or why burgers might do.

“Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.” – said Gigi Hadid, American model of Palestinian and Dutch extraction. Just as much as our Food socks are designed for food lovers, burgers are here to make you happy. And there is some science to back that up!

A smiling girl getting a box with burger, wondering if fast foods are healthy

Since there are few burgers we don’t like, they are, from early childhood (when we start our burger journey), inevitably connected with our reward system – a spot in our brains responsible for feeling satisfaction and joy. Is there any better way to cheer yourself up?

"I don't like to eat snails. I prefer fast food." 

This quote from Roger von Oech’s “- A Kick in the Seat of the Pants” says it all and, in a perverse way, proves us (and you!) right – sometimes fast foods may be healthy. Why? Simply because of how they can stop you from stuffing yourself. In fast food joints, you don't sit around for ages – your food arrives almost instantly! Satisfied and satiated after one quick portion of yumminess, you are less likely to grab a snack. At least in theory…

Are fast foods healthy – people sitting on a blanket, talking and eating.

So which fast foods are healthy? In our opinion ALL food is healthy when well-balanced – some fast food here or there won’t do you any harm, provided it’s not the norm! If you want to know more about culinary traditions from around the world, check out our Taste the world … on foot! article!

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