If your wish is to know what to wish others for Christmas and New Year — here, it comes true!

Christmas wishes from Rainbow Socks

Posted On: 2022-12-22

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Have you already started wondering what to wish your friends, colleagues, and family at Christmas dinners and New Year parties? Every year it’s as awkward as ever, especially when you barely know the person. Do you want to make your wishes personal and special, but all you can come up with is “all the best”?

If the annual exchange of good wishes is a challenge for you, keep reading, because you are about to find the solution to your troubles. Here’s your cheat sheet of Christmas wishes for friends and family!

1. Money

They say that money can’t buy happiness. But have you ever heard someone complaining that they have too much of it? We neither. That’s why money is one of the best Christmas and New Year’s wishes. So whenever you have a chance, wish everyone a bag of money and only the most profitable investments.

Even if the money itself won’t make them happy, it will let them buy accessories that will definitely get them closer to a state of bliss.

Two people in Money Rainbow socks, a woman holding a bag of money socks.

2. Health

We tend to wish someone to get back on their feet when they’re unwell, but health-related wishes are perfect for any other occasion. This year, include some hope for good health and overall well-being in your Christmas wishes. We all would use some.

Health is everything. For the young and the elder, when there’s vigour, everything else is achievable. There is no such thing as being too healthy, so do what you can to keep in shape and if your loved ones need a little reminder to take better care of themselves, add a little gift to your wishes. A pair of warm socks will keep the cold away, and if they’re non-binding, there is no excuse for not wearing them.

A woman on a sofa with a cup, wearing a pair of non-binding Rainbow socks.

3. Good shape

Even if you are not much of a sportsperson yourself, some people like to sweat and stay in a good shape. When their resolutions for the New Year include even more running, exercising and getting tired, wish them luck. Any family member that’s an enthusiastic athlete or a cousin that is a football player will appreciate a wish for good shape.

A group of your people on a football field wearing football socks

4. Enough time for a hobby

What we would all do for a bit more of free time… To enjoy our passions and hobbies, get better at what we like. That’s something to wish for! Do you know someone determined to devote their time to their hobbies despite all the obstacles that adulthood has? Wish them to keep it up!

There is nothing better in this crazy modern world than some peaceful time with a drawing kit, a taste of adventure or the feeling of losing yourself in dancing. These are some valuable New Year’s wishes to give all around to everybody — to make some time for a passion!

A man and a woman with a mural in the background, holding a radio player, and wearing Rainbow party socks.

Even if you are not that good at Christmas wishes, there are still a few things you can wish everybody at work or family gatherings. Hint at their resolutions for the New Year or their passions and make them more personal.

As you’re getting ready for Christmas and the New Year, our Rainbow Socks team would like to wish you the merriest and whitest days filled with love, laughter, good food and warm socks. Stay healthy, find more hobbies, get rich and stay in good shape in the upcoming new year! Do it all with a smile on your face and crazy socks on your feet.

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