Unlocking ultimate comfort: choosing the right sock fabric for your feet

The best material of socks for your feet

Posted On: 2023-09-07

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It seems that choosing a pair of socks is not rocket science. You just pick something in the right colour and in your size. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

How many times have you checked fabric when buying a new piece of clothing? Not as often as you should, we believe. At least probably not when buying socks. Yet, you need to trust us on this one - what socks are made of is of utmost importance.

How to choose the best pair in terms of fabric? Spend the next five minutes with us and analyse the available options. Your feet will thank you!

Classic cotton

Many people assume that socks are always made of cotton. Well, they’re not, but we often use this fabric as it has many special properties. What’s cotton best for? It’s absorbent, so any sweat will just be soaked right up. Your feet will stay dry and good-smelling even during a good workout.

Cotton is natural, easily available, and breathable. If you go for cotton socks, you can be sure that they will stay with you for quite some time.

This fabric is sturdy and comfy - all you need to ask for from a pair of socks! specially if it's made of carefully chosen, high quality materials - just like we did with our OEKO-TEX certified cotton socks.

A group of five people outside wearing colourful Rainbow socks

Soft bamboo

Bamboo socks are lately gaining popularity. Can you blame them? This fabric is eco-friendly as bamboo grows fast and does not need hectoliters of water. The fibre is simply sustainable!

There are more reasons to wear bamboo socks. The fibre is naturally soft and smooth, which makes wearing socks a pleasure. Your feet will get the best care, and having a pair of socks on will be like a spa treatment.

Did we mention that bamboo socks can regulate temperature? That’s not magic; it’s simply a fibre’s ability to keep feet warm during winter days and cool when summer’s in full bloom.

Two people in a sports hall wearing Rainbow ankle sports socks

Coolmax socks

If you have never heard of Coolmax fabric before, it’s time to catch up on the subject. Why? Because it is used for the production of the best sports socks. It’s the best solution to keep your feet dry during exercise as Coolmax absorbs moisture from the skin and helps sweat to evaporate.

Sports socks made of this fabric keep your feet dry and at the right temperature during the whole exercise session. No matter if you’re running up and down a hill, sweating at a gym, or working out at home - Coolmax will keep you company and take care of your comfort.

As if it wasn’t enough, these socks dry up really quickly; they are light and thin, which makes you feel as if you had no socks on at all. Do we need to encourage you any more?

Two people trekking outside wearing thick Rainbow sports socks

Now that you know them all, do you have any favourites? We certainly do - all of them. You can check them out one by one or simply match a pair to your needs. So, which one will fill up your drawer?

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