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    19.99 €

    Christmas Socks Box is our special Christmas gift for you! After all, Christmas decorations cannot exist without special Christmas socks. That's why we would like to introduce you to the original set of Christmas socks decorated with ornaments, Christmas colours, and traditional patterns! They are a perfect addition to every outfit, even the ugly Christmas sweater! The original hexagonal package is specially designed to resemble a traditional Christmas gift. It is perfect for everybody who love useful and practical gifts, as well as fashionable and joyful ones. Our Christmas Socks Box consists of three pairs of socks elegantly folded and packed in an original hexagonal box.


    17.99 €

    Roses can last forever!

    Searching for a gift for Valentine's day for her? Or maybe you want to give your mum roses in a box for Mother’s day? Have a look at our roses – these flowers can be delivered for free!

    • 2 pairs of red socks for women
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
    • Composition: 80% cotton! Thanks to high-quality fabrics, our roses can literally last forever!

    Flowers box can be a perfect gift for many occasions. These socks for women are not only practical but also please the eyes a lot longer than regular roses!


    13.99 €

    A perfect afternoon with a warm cappuccino in your hand… and colourful socks on your feet!

    Having good fun over a cup of coffee in the afternoon is a Sunday tradition that runs in your family? Maybe you love gossiping with your friends while sipping your favourite cappuccino? Coffee is always a splendid gift. The one that is served in a cup sounds even better!

    • 1 pair of colourful cotton socks served in a cup
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Coffee symbolises human bonding. Are you looking for a gift for your mum or maybe a little present for a friend? We are sure that both of them will be happy with our socks in cappuccino cups!


    16.99 €

    But first, let me take a selfie!

    Do you know someone who never leaves his house without a camera? Are you looking for an original birthday gift for your friend who’s a photographer? Our cotton socks looking like a camera will be ideal for them!

    • 2 colourful cotton socks
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% certified combed cotton

    Camera socks in a box will be an ideal surprise gift for each art and photography lover!


    13.99 €

    Cactus that won’t hurt you!

    Are you looking for a birthday gift for a fan of gardening? Your friend is great at plant care and has the most beautiful flowers on the windowsill? Or maybe your boyfriend always forgets to water his plants? Cactus plant socks in a box will be a real bull’s-eye!

    • 1 pair of colourful patterned socks
    • Socks in an original packaging
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% certified combed cotton

    If you like floral accessories, check out our socks looking like a bunch of roses!


    19.99 €

    A jar of honey socks

    Which types of honey do you like the most? This time you don’t have to decide, because the honey gift by Rainbow Socks is not edible. But it’s definitely sweeter than real honey and will please the eyes of the recipient for sure!

    • 2 pairs of cotton socks of the highest quality
    • Socks honey in a jar – ready-made gift
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    Are you looking for a gift for your mum, or maybe a little surprise for your boyfriend? Perfect! Socks in a jar are an ideal gift idea for men and women!


    16.99 €

    A modern Greek salad recipe

    Do you know someone who is currently on a diet and does sports regularly? Or maybe someone in your family has gone vegetarian? Greek Salad by Rainbow Socks will make everyone laugh –  not only the ones who are currently on a box diet.

    • 2 pairs of cotton socks in a box looking like a Greek salad
    • Gift delivered to recipient’s door for free
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Do you want to surprise your athletic friend with a practical gift? Check out our collection of sports socks!


    19.99 €

    Socks straight from the Disney World – not only for children!

    You’re a mature and responsible woman –  that’s for sure! But, does it mean that you should forget about your favourite childhood Disney movies? Of course not! Do you have that friend with whom you were always dreaming of moving to the Disney world? Were you both fantasising about becoming Disney princesses one day? Remind them about that and give them these socks in a box with little mermaid patterns!

    • 3 pairs of colourful socks
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
    • Composition: 80% high-quality combed cotton

    Nurture your inner child and be proud of it. Give these colourful socks to someone who’s been in your life since you can remember. Produced in the EU.


    27.99 €

    Food Truck with a can of Pepsi® socks inside!

    Do you know when the biggest fan of Pepsi will be in seventh heaven? When you give them not only the Pepsi x Rainbow Socks in the can, but also a delicious burger. Sounds like a real socks fast food feast!

    • 3 pairs of cotton socks: Pepsi and burger
    • Product packed in an original packaging, ready-made gift
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    Your friend’s birthday is coming soon? You can be sure that fast food without calories will be an ideal surprise for everyone - women and men. A lot of fun and a wide smile on their face guaranteed!


    19.99 €

    Lipsticks, high heels, and perfume for ladies – what else do they need?

    Absolutely nothing more! Maybe some colourful cotton socks in a box. Another Women’s Day is coming, but you’ve already run out of all the gift ideas for women? Time to come up with something original. Ladies Socks Box!

    • 3 pairs of socks with feminine patterns
    • Ready-made socks gift in a hexagonal box
    • Sizes: EU 36-40
    • Composition: 80% OEKO-TEX certified combed cotton

    Socks for women are a proven gift idea, especially as a Christmas gift for her! Produced in the EU.


    19.99 €

    Candies, ice cream, and lollipops without calories. Yes, they exist!

    Searching for a birthday gift for her? Maybe she’s on a diet and counting every calorie? These sweets in a box will be just perfect. Socks for women in pastel colours – both beautiful and practical!

    • 3 pairs of cotton socks
    • Ideal Christmas gift for her – a ready-made gift
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Socks for women with the patterns of sweets are a perfect gift for every girl. Regardless if she’s on a diet or not – it doesn’t matter at all!


    19.99 €

    Unique gift for a future mummy – ideal for a baby shower party!

    Your best friend is a mum-to-be? Maybe you want to show some support to your daughter who’s a bit nervous about the new stage of her life? Anyway, these lovely socks in a box will surely touch a future mum’s heart!

    • 3 pairs of cotton socks
    • Socks in colourful hexagonal packaging
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Are you also looking for a gift for a future daddy? Check our socks for men from the mum and dad socks collection.

Unique gifts that underscore the uniqueness of each woman. Universal, subtle colours and distinctive prints that attract attention. It's all hidden in beautiful boxes that raise suspicions about what's inside. In addition to usual-unusual socks, there are also surprising socks for everyday use. An eternal bouquet of flowers can please not only your eye. Calorie-and-guilt-free delicacies such as pizza, burgers, sushi, tortillas and chocolate. Ravenous or peckish - one slice of pizza, one roll of sushi or a whole set with a burger, fries and a drink. This one is also closed in a can, without calories there’s even an alcohol-free beer.If a lady’s really active and cares about her body, non-slip socks will help her stabilise even the most challenging yoga pose.  Comfort during interval and strength exercises will be provided by technologically designed sports socks. The choice of colours for our ladies’ products is so broad, their fellas will often end up stealing her socks. Warm, cold, light, dark, pastel, intense colors - a real color palette! Perfect for adapting to the styling, but also a variation of its purpose. Dream up a set of socks for her, matching her character, style or hobby, and you will find them at, where all products are made of high-quality, certified OEKO-TEX materials. In addition to beauty, they guarantee comfort and safety of use. Rainbow Socks - Where feet and colours meet.