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    Roses Socks Box 2 Pairs


    This new addition to our vast selection of socks is just perfect for every lover of romantic pattens with an original and fashionable twist. Our set is originally packed in alluring original packages that for sure will impress every girl and woman! The set consists of two beautiful and comfortable pairs, originally folded to resemble real roses. The socks are available in a vast selection of sizes.

  • Flower Socks Box 3 Pairs


    We've created the Flower Socks Box especially for everybody who loves original patterns and bright colours and, in addition to that, are sensitive to the beauty of nature. Our spring floral socks are a perfect decoration of almost every outfit. Plant enthusiasts and flower lovers can choose between dark green, pink and white socks with embroidery patterns of pink roses, yellow peonies, and white rosebuds. If you want to surprise a nature lover with an original gift, the Flower Socks  Box is perfect for them! Our socks with delicate flower print are elegantly packed in a hexagonal box. Each and every sock is produced in our family business located in Central Europe. Rainbow Socks – where feet and colours meet.

  • Jar Socks: Strawberries &...


    Jar Socks by Rainbow Socks are socks inspired by all tasty food stored in household jars. Our main goal was to design ultra-bright socks that are pleasant to wear and made of materials of the highest quality and served in a way that the world hadn't seen yet.  Thanks to our efforts, we made a unique and prepared to hand over the present. Additionally, we use plastic containers which are a unique idea themselves. Our first line of Jar by Rainbow Socks is characterized by ultra-bright hues and patterns - yellow lemons in, green pea with an orange carrot, green pickles, and red and green peppers. Each container contains two rolled pairs of our socks - one pattern is fully visible outside of a jar, and the second one is rolled-up inside and ready to be discovered.

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    Iced Coffee Socks 1 pair


    Do you start every morning with a cup of delectable espresso? Do you love the scent of sweet-smelling coffee beans? Finally, there's a new and unique way to express your affection for espresso! Our socks inspired by Iced Coffee Socks in a can make an ideal present for all espresso enthusiasts. The socks for sure will add energy and won't affect your blood pressure – after all, they don't contain caffeine ;) Coffee Socks by Rainbow Socks are available packed in a stylish can that is an instant gift box. You don't need to worry about the fine paper and ribbons, because the can itself make a perfect gift box.

  • Ladies Socks Box 3 Pairs


    Recently socks have been gaining more popularity in terms of fashion trends for women. Our newest collection consists of socks designed especially for women. Patterns such as high heels, lipsticks and lips, or something more unique like a glass of champagne, are perfect for every night out with friends! Ladies Sock Box is a great option for every woman who loves tasteful accessories and enjoys playing with her style and fashion. Are you looking for a universal gift for your girlfriend, wife, or mom? The Ladies Socks Box is a perfect gift idea! Thanks to our huge experience as well as strict production standards, we are able to offer our customers products of the highest quality. We use safe and durable materials such as certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton.

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    Milk Chocolate Socks Box 1...


    Milk Chocolate Socks - You can't live a single day without chocolate? Are you looking for a perfect bar of chocolate that is not only sweet but also healthy and fit? Chocolate Socks Box is here for you! Designed specially to satisfy every gourmand!

  • Cotton Ruffle Socks for...


    We would like to introduce to you the newest addition to our collection. A cute socks design, which is just perfect for every mother and daughter! The cute ruffle socks are available in various different sizes: children 24-29 and 30-35, as well as, adult 36-38 and 39-41 (EU). The socks are available in a selection of original girly colors: teal, lilac, white, pink, yellow, orange, and green. The socks are ankle-length, decorated with a frilly ruffle on the edge. 

  • Cotton Openwork Knee High...


    They can be combined with vintage booties, high heels, or flats. You can wear them to a dress or a breezy skirt to add a dose of elegance, to shorts or capri pants to accomplish a progressively casual stylization, or to another outfit that you need to spice up. The wide colour choice permits you to match specific knee-length socks with all other outfit pieces in your closet! Aside from the exceptional appearance, your better half, girfriend, or sister will value the comfort provided by our socks. Their fundamental segment is natural and high quality combed cotton,which helps to stop incesible sweating. Openwork Knee-high Rainbow Socks are a possibility for every person who is looking for comfortable socks for themselves or their closest and dearest.

  • Women Premium Antibacterial...


    DESIGNED FOR WOMEN - The socks by Rainbow Socks were designed especially for women all over the world to answer their needs and to guarantee comfort and safety for their feet. Our socks can be worn on a daily basis, around the house, at work, at parties, in physical activities, and much more! The socks are available in a vast selection of colors and are easy to match with many different outfits. They are available in several different size options so that everyone can find their most suitable pair.

  • White Chocolate Socks, White Chocolate Socks Gift
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    White Chocolate Socks Box 1...


    White Chocolate Socks - You can't imagine a day without a piece of sweet chocolate? Would you like to find a chocolate bar that is sweet, vegan, and sugar-free? You've got this! Chocolate Socks Box - fun socks, perfect for everyone with a sweet tooth!

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    Sweet Socks Box 3 Pairs


    Do you know anyone who doesn't like sweets? These original bright socks have no sugar, yet they are extremely sweet and tasty! Sweet Socks Box is a dream gift for everyone who loves original, colourful patterns on their socks. The set consists of three pairs of originally folded socks, packed in a unique hexagonal box. Thanks to the original package, the Sweet Socks Box is a perfect ready-made gift for many different occasions! They look great with a pair of light jeans, but can also be a nice finishing touch to a formal and smart wearing. We are proud to fully produce our socks in Europe what results in the high quality of our products, safety, and clear origins of our socks. We make sure to use materials of the highest quality such as certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton

  • Pizza Socks Box Slice 1...


    Are you a pizza enthusiast? If yes, our Pizza Slice Socks Box is just perfect for you! This time we would like to offer you a single pair of socks inspired by the most delicious Italian dish. They look as tasty as real pizza and for sure will bring joy and lots of laughter to every pizza lover and funny socks enthusiasts. Our pizza socks are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and safe for the skin. 

Unique gifts that underscore the uniqueness of each woman. Universal, subtle colours and distinctive prints that attract attention. It's all hidden in beautiful boxes that raise suspicions about what's inside. In addition to usual-unusual socks, there are also surprising socks for everyday use. An eternal bouquet of flowers can please not only your eye. Calorie-and-guilt-free delicacies such as pizza, burgers, sushi, tortillas and chocolate. Ravenous or peckish - one slice of pizza, one roll of sushi or a whole set with a burger, fries and a drink. This one is also closed in a can, without calories there’s even an alcohol-free beer.If a lady’s really active and cares about her body, non-slip socks will help her stabilise even the most challenging yoga pose.  Comfort during interval and strength exercises will be provided by technologically designed sports socks. The choice of colours for our ladies’ products is so broad, their fellas will often end up stealing her socks. Warm, cold, light, dark, pastel, intense colors - a real color palette! Perfect for adapting to the styling, but also a variation of its purpose. Dream up a set of socks for her, matching her character, style or hobby, and you will find them at, where all products are made of high-quality, certified OEKO-TEX materials. In addition to beauty, they guarantee comfort and safety of use. Rainbow Socks - Where feet and colours meet.