Slippery Floor

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If you like walking barefoot you know how dangerous this activity might be, especially on the slippery surfaces. To ensure your safety and stability, we designed a pair of socks that is not only comfortable to wear but also safe for the skin and most importantly, that ensures the right level of stability and balance even on the most slippery floors. Thanks to our original anti-slid system on the bottom of the socks, they are just perfect for barefoot walking. The layer is made of the high-quality Italian silicone which not only ensures balance but also does not cause any discomfort. The socks themselves are made of certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton which is a material of plant origins. The socks provide your skin with the optimal level of ventilation and proper thermoregulation. They are easy to match with many different types of shoes and boots and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The socks are available in a vast selection of sizes, colours and lengths to make sure that everyone will be able to find a most suitable pair for themselves. If you seek for extra safety and high comfort on a daily basis, Rainbow Socks is a great choice for you. Rainbow Socks - where feet and colours meet.