Breaking News or an April Fools?!

April Fools - Rainbow Socks Celebration

April Fools Day! The holiday for pranksters & jokers, a great opportunity to show off your socks jokes. To celebrate this year’s April Fools’ Day, we’ve decided to share some of our Rainbow Socks stories found in news around the globe. Check it out…

Where the chocolate never melts.

April Fools – Friends in chocolate socks.

In Melbourne, a newly opened Chocolate Café prides itself on serving chocolate that never melts.

Their menu includes only white & dark chocolate, served hot or cold specifically to the customer’s taste. From till to table & down to your feet… all in a sweet Rainbow socks box.

The wrong order turns into a quality evening.

April Fools - a man taking it easy in his Rainbow Pizza Socks.

The wrong order delivered, leads to a happy ending...

On a Friday evening, a pair of tired parents ordered a large pizza for their family of five. To their surprise, a box of pizza… socks arrived at the door instead of a hot dinner.

Initially shocked, they decided to turn a “blunder” into a “wonder” & a new family tradition was born. “I think this has brought us all closer together. We had a lovely evening & a great laugh” says Cathy, the Mum of the hungry three.

A pint of socks, please!

April Fools’ – lovely pint of Beer Socks in a pub.

A year of lockdowns made everyone slow down to a snail’s pace. In Oxfordshire, Paul, a local pub owner, decided to step up his game to try & convince the town’s folk to return confidently to the local pubs. Now serving socks alongside his selection of adult beverages, both in a pint glass, of course, helps his customers feel right at home back in the pubs again.

Man in burger socks chased by a burger-loving dog.

April Fools’ – happy couple shares a Burger Sock.

A Man wearing Rainbow Burger Socks was seen being chased by a hungry chihuahua today... The chase finally ended when the little dog latched onto his ankles & attempted to eat his socks!

We interviewed the dog owner - “I’m really sorry about Mervin, but burgers are his favourite food, & those darn Rainbow Burger Socks look so realistic!”

A runner spotted running on sushi!

April Fools – Rainbow Sushi Socks set.

Police were called to the scene today, when an outraged Sushi Chef witnessed a plate of sushi “run by”, on the feet of a local city runner.

Police officers found that the runner wore Sushi Socks… NOT real Sushi! The embarrassed Chef offered his apologies & subsequently placed the biggest Rainbow Sushi socks order ever received! Thanks Chef!

Breaking news or an… April Fools? We won’t tell!

If you’re going for practical socks jokes, we’ll definitely be able to help you out. Along with our Rainbow Socks, the prank possibilities are endless. Look here for ideas!

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