Squad goals! Themed parties and games.

Themed party with Rainbow Socks

Posted On: 2021-08-26

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Author: Lena

Autumn is just around the corner. Forget long summer evenings spent in the park. But don’t let the colder weather catch you off guard! Now is the time to start getting organised. Exchange the summer hang out spots with friends for quality time spent indoors. Fun times ahead!

At Rainbow Socks, we can’t wait to share autumnal evenings with our pals. And not only because we love wearing warm socks … There are so many ways in which you can make those evenings unforgettable. Below you’ll find some of our ideas that will keep you busy throughout the upcoming winter season!

1. Themed party

Themed Party Socks – Party Pineapple and flamingo socks.

Throw yourselves a themed party at home. Did you know that amongst the most popular party themes are Will Ferrel and Doctor Who themed parties?

Other good party themes can include a circus or disco theme. In terms of dress code ideas, you can use someRainbow Socks’ inspirations – like sushi socks for an Asian-themed night, party flamingo socks for a tropical-themed night or some of our professional socks, like these nurse socks, for a guess-who-I-am party.

Also, for any friends that regret not being able to host a birthday swimming pool party, how about a themed birthday bash – can’t miss out on those!

Themed Party Socks – Birthday Cake and Happy Birthday Socks Close-Up

2. Games night!

Themed Party Socks – friends playing billard in their Rainbow Fun Socks.

Games night is a perfect idea for a night in with friends. You can host a board game or video game competition. Playing games is all about competition versus cooperation – which one is your team going to be best at?! If you’re wondering why video games are so popular – because they’re so much fun! If your preference is more traditional and you are really into your board games, great news. These are brilliant for getting everyone involved. If you have a home set of darts or bowls, you can try to create an exciting atmosphere of a bowling lane in the comfort of your own home! To complement your night we suggest gearing up in our games themed fun socks.

3. Catch your favourite team on your own screen!

Themed Party Socks – couple of football fans cheering for Poland in their football socks.

It’s football season again! Which football team is the best, in your opinion? Watching a game with friends it’s the perfect plan for any evening of the week.

Why football is the best sport? Because in addition to the emotions of watching, football accessories include a comfortable seat, a bag of crisps, a can of beer and a few best mates. We’d like to add to this list a pair of topical socks – either the proper football themed socks, or if you’re in it mostly for the refreshments – fizzy beer socks

So, go see what football match is on today and get yourself comfortable in front of the screen. Football’s coming home – literally!
We hope you enjoyed some of our ideas for a perfect night in with friends. For any other evenings in , remember that you can never go wrong with a funky pair of socks.

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