Is beer only for guys? Does beer have a gender?

Is beer only for guys?

Posted On: 2021-08-05

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Does beer have a gender? We think not!

Let’s take a look at the history and origins of beer to see why we think this tasty, refreshing beverage is for everyone (of age). 

The Origins of Beer

Where does beer come from? 

The oldest evidence of alcoholic beverages dates back 9,000 years to China. This, however, was not beer, but a concoction made of rice, fruit and honey. 

For the oldest hard evidence of beer drinking, we have to go to the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia, dating back about 6,000 years.

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One of the most interesting beer-related finds in the area was a stone tablet. It was inscribed with a poem to the goddess Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of — you guessed it — beer. 

The next civilisation that was big into beer was Babylon. But it’s the Ancient Egyptians, with their beer goddess Tenenit, who are most famous for their love of beer. In fact, beer was used as a form of payment for labour in Ancient Egypt. 

Beer in the middle ages

Beer in Europe was mostly brewed by private individuals in their homes and was very much a family affair. 

The lady of the house would bake bread, and would brew beer with any leftover grain. 

In more prosperous households, the lady of the house would aim to sell the household’s surplus beer to neighbours. 

Hops arrived in Europe ca. 1100 AD. Previously, all kinds of herbs were used to flavour beer, like sage, mint, rosemary and juniper. 

Then hops were used as the central ingredient. By keeping the levels of acids and other beer-spoiling chemicals in their brews low thanks to hops, brewers were able to considerably extend the shelf life of their products. 

This changed the game. Beer could now be stored for months without going bad!

Around the year 1000 AD things changed sociologically, too.

More and more people started to move to towns. There was no room to fit all the people, let alone sizable brewing vats, in people’s houses anymore. 

So entrepreneurs set up businesses brewing beer on a mass scale. 

Around 1360 in Hamburg, Germany, there were some 450 breweries in operation, producing in the ballpark of 25 million litres of beer per year. 

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Far from the goddesses of beer of the ancient world, beer in medieval Europe was almost exclusively brewed by men. 

Beer in Modern Times

Fast forward a few hundred years.

A man and a woman walk into a bar. 

The lady orders a delicious lager beer, and the man orders a zesty lemonade. 

Once the drinks have been made, the bar staff will generally give the lady the non-alcoholic drink, while the man will get the beer. 

Have you ever come across this?

Watch this Heineken ad - have you had this happen?


We see this all the time. 

Why all the fuss about who drinks what? 

No clue!

All we know is that a nice, cool beer can be as refreshing as anything on a hot summer’s day.

Likewise, lemonade can be a non-alcoholic alternative, replenishing some vitamins as well as cooling us down.

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