Less blue on Blue Monday

Less Blue on Blue Monday

Posted On: 2021-01-18

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Author: Gosia

“Tell me, how do I feel?/ Tell me now, how do I feel?” – sang Ian Curtis in New Order’s „Blue Monday” song. Well, dear, here it comes. Blue as it may seem, we are here to prove that one can still find something to smile at in this crazy world and on this crazy day. Cheer up and get inspired!

Close your eyes now! Imagine the full rainbow reaching from your place to the place you want to visit so badly. Then picture yourself this buzz you miss, all those people, hugs and kisses, live festivals… Oh, don’t cry – it will be back! Right now let us take you to the cotton realm of tasty socks designed to make you feel better. Let’s go!

A person lying on the bed, wearing blue socks on Blue Monday

Blue Monday – the story

It's not just another Black Friday or Cyber Monday – it's simply blue and you really can't help it.. More precisely - it is believed that the third Monday of January is the most sad, depressive and depressing day of the year. Who thinks so? Supposedly scientists. Which scientists exactly?

The term Blue Monday was coined 15 years ago by Cliff Arnall, a British psychologist at Cardiff University.

The date came out of ... the formula he had also invented. The formula does not seem very professional - units mismatch, lots of constants ... But! It takes into account meteorological and economic factors, and we know that rain and post-holiday voids on the bank account are sometimes enough to depress us. Our Emoji Socks just say it all…

A person in Emoji Socks, sitting on the bed, drinking tea

This time, the "icing on the cake" is the pandemic we are dealing with for almost a year. God or whatever, don’t be so hard on us!

Let’s cope with this unfriendly date. Together! And for mild, non-clinical depression, the best are ... colors! For example, such as on those beauties – our Reptile Socks. Maybe it will be your way of dealing with things… by developing a reptilian armour?

A couple on a lookout, in the forest, wearing Reptile Socks

Hide or hunt? Socks to give you strength

Of course, camouflage may not be the best strategy at all. Sometimes you have to help yourself with colours that are intense enough to give you courage. Sure you need to cope with this gloomy Blue Monday vibe somehow...

Hmm, what do you think about those Party Socks? Are they bold enough?

People’s legs on an artificial lawn, a party, people wearing colourful Party Socks

Or maybe you are in a surrender, curl-up-into-a-ball mood? If yes then let’s stay blue – literally. Our blue Cotton Crew Socks should do just fine.

A man in blue socks sitting outdoors with a cup of coffee

We hope we've managed to improve your mood on this Blue Monday. If you want to dive into some even more inspiring reading, find out what the media write about us. Have a bearable day, anyway!

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