Pepsi x Rainbow Socks 1 pair


It’s not a drink! It’s a pair of Pepsi® x Rainbow Socks!

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your friend? Choose something that is guaranteed to be a hit!  Instead of a refreshing drink, you can offer them Pepsi socks in the same iconic can!

  • One pair of colourful cotton socks
  • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
  • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

Pepsi x Rainbow Socks are an ideal present for many occasions. These socks are for everyone who loves original accessories and hates boredom on their feet! Produced in the EU.

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Can you imagine a drink more refreshing than the fizzy, best served with ice Pepsi®? We neither! But wait! This can, even though it looks almost the same as the original one, is different! It contains a pair of our extremely tasty socks decorated with the logo of Pepsi®. The socks are available in a wide selection of sizes.


Sometimes making gifts might be a really hard task to fulfill especially when the gifted person has everything they need. With this original set of socks, you get an ideal, practical gift for many different occasions! Simply offer your nearest and dearest a can of cold fizzy Pepsi® and surprise them with its contents! The socks for sure will amaze and bring them joy, each time they’ll put them on.


This unique set of socks for sure will be a key element of every party. Simply place it among other cans with your favorite drinks and let your guests find it. Surprise them with the unique, comfortable, and safe-to-wear socks which have been designed to amaze everyone. Additionally, with the original package, you don't need to worry about gift-wrapping or any additional boxes! The original package is an essential part of the whole set.


As a family company, product quality is always top of mind. That's why we produce all of our products at our family production plant in Central Europe. We use high-quality, certified materials only. The yarns we use have been certified with various different quality certificates such as the OEKO-TEX certificate. The materials we use are of plant origins, safe for the skin and most importantly they provide an optimal level of ventilation to the skin. Our socks are not only amusing and visually appealing but also comfortable and safe for a wearer.


Rainbow Socks® and Pepsi® joined forces to provide you with this unique set of socks full of positive energy, taste, and fun! The set is an addition to our collection full of tasty foods and drinks – try them all and enjoy long-lasting, one-of-a-kind accessories which cannot be found anywhere else. 

Rainbow Socks. Where feet and colours meet.


Data sheet

80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Specific References



SIZE EU US UK Foot length
UNISEX (S) 36-40 5, 5-9 4-7 23-25, 5
UNISEX (L) 41-46 9, 5-13 7, 5-11 26-29, 5
XL 47-50 13, 5-16 11, 5-14, 5 30-31, 5



EU US UK Foot length
36-38 5,5-7 4-6 23-24
39-41 8-9,5 6,5-8 24,5-26
42-43 10-11 8,5-9,5 26,5-27,5
44-46 11,5-13 10-11,5 28-29,5
47-50 13,5-16 12-14,5 30-31,5


EU Suggested age
US UK Foot length
24-29 2-5 7-12 7-11 14,5-18
30-35 6-9 13-4 11,5-2,5 18,5-22


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