Pizza & Beer Socks Box 5 Pairs


Are you a fan of movie nights with your friends? If so, you surely know that a Pizza & Beer set always makes them better! Pizza & Beer Socks Box has been created with party lovers and fans of colourful accessories in mind. Try out our newest socks – they are not only a perfect gift for your best friend but also a practical present that you’ll wear on cold evenings! 

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Can you think of a duo more iconic than a tasty hot pizza and a can of cold beer? We neither! That's why we've got something special for you, an original set of 5 different pairs of socks resembling a mix of Italian, Hawaiian, Pepperoni pizza, and a can of fresh, cold beer. The set is available in several different size options so that everyone can enjoy this unique tasty meal.


Are you looking for a gift that will not only amaze but also will be useful and original? If yes, we've got something just ideal for you! The set comes in an original box designed to resemble a real pizza box and a can with a cold beer. Impress your friends with this exceptional meal made of... natural cotton! Additionally, you do not only get a practical and useful gift, but you also get a ready-to-hand one thanks to which you won't need to care about gift wrapping! 


Everyone loves spending their time out with friends, enjoying good music and tasty food. With our original party socks sets, you still can enjoy your favorite activities. If you love cold beer and tasty fresh pizza, this set is just perfect for you. Additionally, thanks to the original one-of-a-kind design you will always stay in style and be ready for parties! 


We are a family brand that wants to offer the best quality socks to our customers. To make sure that our socks are of the best quality only we fully produce them at our production plant located in Central Europe. Our socks are fully made of certified high-quality materials provided by our trusty suppliers from genuine sources. The socks are made of quality cotton fabric certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate which is an international mark of textiles of the highest quality. All our designs are fully embroidered not printed on what results in the quality and durability of our socks. They do not pack the feet, are comfortable to wear, and most importantly they ensure a proper level of ventilation and optimal thermoregulation. 


We are a group of friends who share a passion for original and comfortable socks which are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and durable. We are proud to use materials of plant origins only and happy that our original socks sets are loved by our customers. We offer many different meal types so check our full socks menu! Rainbow Socks. Where feet and color meet.


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80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Specific References



SIZE EU US UK Foot length
UNISEX (S) 36-40 5, 5-9 4-7 23-25, 5
UNISEX (L) 41-46 9, 5-13 7, 5-11 26-29, 5
XL 47-50 13, 5-16 11, 5-14, 5 30-31, 5



EU US UK Foot length
36-38 5,5-7 4-6 23-24
39-41 8-9,5 6,5-8 24,5-26
42-43 10-11 8,5-9,5 26,5-27,5
44-46 11,5-13 10-11,5 28-29,5
47-50 13,5-16 12-14,5 30-31,5


EU Suggested age
US UK Foot length
24-29 2-5 7-12 7-11 14,5-18
30-35 6-9 13-4 11,5-2,5 18,5-22

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Pizza & Beer Socks Box 5 Pairs