How to plan a perfect Halloween trick or prank?

Perfect Halloween Ideas by Rainbow Socks

Posted On: 2021-10-28

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You don’t need to grow up in an American town to know what Halloween is. Everyone has heard of it, even in the faraway lands. All we know is that kids wear costumes (usually, as adults like to dress up, too), the scarier, the better, and knock on their neighbor’s doors screaming ‘trick or treat’.

Who would’ve thought that this tradition goes back to the ancient Celts? People back then wore costumes not to look fun and cool (although they probably did look funny), but for truly serious reasons - to repel the spirits.
Then the Christians came and took the fun away, leaving poor wanderers with no job. So they started to go door-to-door, offering their praying services.

Now, the tradition is not about praying but trick-or-treating. Kids wear costumes, knock on doors, and say the magic spell ‘trick or treat’ that brings them candies straight to pumpkin-shaped baskets.

Those children say ‘trick or treat’, don’t they? Halloween is not all about sweets and candies, but harmless tricks too. We’re here to inspire you for some thematic prank to surprise your friends and family.
You should also prepare yourself for the occasion. You might be trick-or-treating in other ways and instead of gathering and sharing candies, wear our Dark Sweet Socks. Ideal for the occasion.

Two feet with Sweet Socks on and decorated doughnuts arranged on a wooden table.You might want to start with preparing your house for the upcoming party or simply to scare your family. Don’t forget to:

  • Arrange rubber snakes, spiders, or maybe bats around the house, ideally in the strangest of places - in the toilet, behind a chair.
  • Put gummy eyeballs in drinks you serve your guests.
  • Use cotton balls to create a spider web in different places around the house. You can hang some cotton in a doorway, so all guests get tangled in it.
  • Invite friends for dinner and surprise them with Meal Socks Box, instead of real food. They might not see the difference at first!

Three pairs of Fries Socks Boxes arranged like real french fries.

  • Use liquid soap to write a message on the bathroom mirror. When someone else takes a shower, and the mirror fogs up, they will see mysterious words out of nowhere.
  • If you are patient enough, you might dress up as one of the props in your garden, lay on the ground pretending you are just a decoration and scare the passers-by or arriving guests.
  • When you want to tease one of your friends, you can fool them into thinking you’re rich. If they don’t believe you, show them our Moneybag Socks.

Moneybag Socks for Man and Woman, funny gift

Halloween is that one time of year when everyone, despite age, can dress up, fill their bellies with sweets, laughter and a little bit of horror. When is a better time to get scared than during the night of spirits? Don’t be afraid to mess with your friends!

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