We all scream for ice cream! Here’s what you might not know about it

Ice Cream Socks for every sweets lover

Posted On: 2022-06-09

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Who doesn’t like the taste of ice cream when the temperature rises so much that cooling yourself down from the inside is the only reasonable option? Its popularity is not based merely on the fact that it is served cold but also due to its deliciousness and so many varieties.

All of these facts about ice cream go without saying, of course. Everyone has tasted it, yet not everybody knows the origins of ice cream, who invented it and where, while many wonders. Rainbow Socks has chased ice cream down to its sweet roots (or rather, cones) and here’s what we’ve found out.

Ice cream’s nationality

When the ice cream was crossing borders back in the past and colonizing new countries, no one took the time to look at its passport and find out its place of origin. As a result, we can’t pinpoint the exact date or place of this delicious invention. All that is left for us are speculations.

One thing is sure - the ice cream was not the invention of the last epoch. It is far older, as the first reference to a frozen snack dates even five thousand years back. Supposedly, these desserts were enjoyed by the Chinese. If this was true, that certainly was not the ice cream we know today, as the Chinese were not fans of dairy.

Other ice cream paths lead us back to the Turks or the Iranians, who were more of the sorbet people - hence the name, as in Turkish “sherbet” means nothing else but a frozen fruity beverage. Although the question of which country invented ice cream remains unanswered, we can know for sure that it was widely popular already in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Two women enjoying the city view with three pairs of Rainbow Ice Cream Socks in their hands.

“Dear diary: I've gone dairy…”

Maybe we don’t know for sure who invented ice cream as such, but we can be more specific when finding the date of milky ice cream creation. The refreshing, cold and sweet snack was becoming more popular with every passing century, and in the 17th century, things were only getting better.

Antonio Latini started experimenting with ice cream and added milk, which resulted in more creamy and definitely tasty ice cream. It was only a matter of time before the first cafés serving this delicious dessert were opened. Although at first, ice cream was a guilty pleasure of the elite, it didn’t take it much time to become available to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Now, everyone can have a wide variety of ice cream at every corner, so we think that nothing can surprise us about this dessert. Should we be so sure?

Three people holding three pairs of Rainbow Ice Cream socks, pretending to eat from the cones.

A thing or two that you sherbet did not know

Although ice cream has been our companion for centuries, it did not have its own cone until 1903. Only then did Italo Marchiony come up with the idea to serve this dessert in edible packaging.

When we say that there is a wide variety of flavours - we really mean it. Among the strangest ones, you will find horse flesh, Foie Gras, Cheetos and probably a lot of way worse ones. There was even a pickle-flavoured frozen dessert, advertised as a snack for pregnant women.

The Americans are the top consumers at the ice cream market, while their neighbours in Canada have a really untypical habit, as they prefer to eat ice cream during winter rather than in summer. The world of ice cream has yet much to uncover, and unless you are an ice cream fanatic, you have still much to find out about this dessert.

One thing that you might not know is that you can wear an ice cream cone on your feet. Sounds impossible? Not for a Rainbow Socks team!

Three boxes of Rainbow Ice Cream socks in a basket.

Something sweet for an ice cream enthusiast

If your friend or family member adores ice cream, you can safely share it with them. When the right occasion comes, you can even gift them something with a delicious theme. “Some people are worth melting for”, as Olaf pointed out in Frozen, so make them feel appreciated.

In Rainbow Socks, we have a pair of lovely Ice Cream Socks! Here’s why you need to have them:

  • They look just like real ice cream, so they are perfect for people on a diet,
  • We have three flavours to choose from that you will not find in any ice cream shop - vanilla & cherry, blueberry & cherry, lemon & cherry,
  • They are a real bliss for your feet, just like the real ice cream for your taste buds!

A woman in a sunny park, holding two pairs of Rainbow Ice Cream socks like ice cream cones.

Ice cream has more fans all around the world than any celebrity, as it’s this one thing that suits everybody. It has more flavours than you can imagine, and each one is better than the other. There is never too much ice cream, so get one cone in your hand and a pair of tasty Rainbow socks on your feet. You don’t have to know who invented ice cream to enjoy this one’s man genius idea!

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