Games are on today! Ideal gift for every gamer

Games are on today!

Posted On: 2022-04-21

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If you are not a gamer yourself, choosing a gift for one might be just like fighting a dragon, challenging and tiresome. We created this guide through the world of gaming gifts to let you get familiar with the lock, s(t)ock and barrel of the game industry.

A brief history of gaming frenzy

Games are not the invention of the present. Back in the 70s and 80s, the teenagers of that time were obsessed with arcade games. Those were coin-operated machines, located mainly in bars and amusements arcades (what a name!) that included such games as Space Invaders, Galaxian or the famous Pac-Man.

You could be born long after the 80s, and you would still be familiar with the popular games of that time. Who hasn’t played some version of the ball-and-paddle arcade game, popularized first by the Pong games?

The gaming world didn’t take small steps but big leaps and took over the entertainment branch of the late 20th century with the fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Tekken. There were shooting games, platform, adventure or stealth ones, too.

Although entertainment means something entirely different for everyone, gamers are on today and were for decades. That’s why every person you might ask will know what a Pac-Man or Mario is - quite probably, they’ve all played it. Games made their mark in the 70s and 80s and continue to develop, evolve and entertain the players all around the world.

A girl on a coin-operated motorcycle wearing a Rainbow Game Socks.

Games are on today!

A gift for every gamer: Game Socks Box

Even if there are these grumpy people who try to tell us that games are for kids and kids only, don’t listen to them. Gamers of all ages have the greatest fun while playing!

However, as these players are adults, it makes it slightly more difficult to find a perfect gift for gamers. The one that refers to their passion, is unique, practical and fun.

How about a present that is suitable for every occasion? A gift that celebrates gaming and meets all the criteria of a perfect surprise? Gaming socks are just what you seek.

Why socks, you might ask. They are inspired by the iconic games and packed in the original packaging that looks like a retro Game Boy console.

Two people, one playing a real Game Boy console, the other holding a Game Socks Box.

Game Socks Box!

Free the socks and win the game

It seems that the best gift for gamers would be nothing else but some game. Well, we would say it’s too obvious. Go for something better, but still in this gaming spirit.

A box filled with gaming-inspired socks inside to warm the gamer’s feet, and a classic game on the packaging. This is the present you should be looking for. You can pick a box that has the game included and surprise the gamer with a unique gift.

We created a socks box that encompasses all the nice memories of the long-gone evenings with all the favourite games, while its packaging gives a chance to create new ones. Well, it’s more fun than it sounds. The set includes a logic mini-game. You only need to use a colourful card attached to the box, tear it the right way and match it to the board at the back of the box. Easy-peasy! But is it really?

Count your time and see who gets to the end first! What’s a game without a bit of rivalry?

Hand of two people playing with the Game Socks Box packaging.

Free The Socks NOW!

A game that has no age

A set with a game included is perfect for those who have their gaming days behind them and those who are yet to put the pad away. The former can reminisce the time with the arcade games with our retro-inspired game in hand, while the latter can kill some time when waiting for the news and novelties in the world of the games online.

A man and woman in an amusement arcade with the Rainbow Game Socks on.

A game that has no age!

The news of the gaming world to sweeten up the socks gift

The gamers that await the news have indeed a lot to await. The gaming industry is thriving, and there is no sign of it stopping. What interesting has happened recently?

  • CD Projekt RED announced a new game of The Witcher series!
  • Hogwarts Legacy is approaching as it might be released somewhere around Christmas this year. To ease the waiting, there is quite promising gameplay to watch.
  • The world of games online was recently taken over by Elden Ring, which sold almost 12 million copies in just three weeks after its release, has already some updates and is highly praised by the critics.
  • Electronic Arts does not let the Jedi rest, as the team is getting ready to announce the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, maybe even already in May. Well, May the force be with you.
  • If you haven’t heard yet, Games Socks Box is a great support in achieving higher levels in games, in case you get cold feet.

All the gamers are on today, no matter if they prefer a classic PC, their smartphone or console. The accessories are as essential as all the other pieces of equipment, so get your favourite player a pair of nice thematic socks!

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