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Rainbow Sweets Facts

Posted On: 2021-08-19

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Author: Lena

Nothing makes life as sweet as desserts do. Sweet treats are not only a heaven for your taste buds but are also a feast for the eyes and noses. The only problem is that it’s all over so quickly ... the moment of pleasure is so short! And a little calorie-dense … 

Sweets Rainbow Socks – delicious sweets socks box.

Doesn’t matter how sweet your tooth is, or how regularly you indulge it ... we’ve designed a whole line of sweets socks, that not only look mouth-wateringly beautiful but also wear… well, deliciously. Sweet, no? 

Sweets Rainbow Socks – couple sharing a cheesecake sock moment.

Let’s admit it – we’re all obsessed with desserts. A beautifully-decorated muffin is a piece of art in its own right. But besides that, why are sweets good for you? For starters, sweet snacks are known to increase the production of ‘happiness hormones’. Also, psychologically, they are the ultimate treat – whether your day’s been good, or challenging! 

Desserts are the ultimate celebration of life! Just think about all the times you indulge in sweets – from birthday cakes, baking with friends, summertime ice creams, hot chocolate on a rainy day, or a candy bar on a difficult day at work. 

Sweets Rainbow Socks – Doughnut Sock time!

Apart from the sweet look, feel, and taste there are so many stories to all desserts. We looked at our collection and decided to present our pick ‘n mix selection of sweets from around the world and some interesting sweets facts about them

Did you know that…

  • Strawberries and cream are the official Wimbledon dessert?

Rainbow Socks - Desserts Infographic

  • Cheesecake originated in Ancient Greece? 

  • Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavour in the world? 

  • Chocolate is the only edible substance to melt below bodily temperature? That’s why it’s so soft on our tongues!

Sweet Rainbow Socks - Chocolate Socks galore.

  • In the US there are over 10 billion doughnuts made every year? We wonder what the number would be if they featured our sweets socks box.  

  • The world’s largest lollipop was as tall as a giraffe? 

  • The divine rules of fine dining ordain that dessert should be followed by a dessert cheese platter, which can also be substituted for the sweet treat! Any cheese lovers here? 

Rainbow Socks – Cheese Socks dessert platter.

Fascinating! And there is so much more to… eat. And wear! If you know someone who can’t stop fantasizing about chocolate cake, or you’re looking for a low-calorie sweets gift box or to sweeten up your style – look no further. At Rainbow Socks we’ve got sweets that won’t ruin your diet or cause a sugar rush, but which you can also wear when you’re tasting the perfect gelato! 

Have a look at our sweets galore. You’ll find sweets that are gluten free, sweets that are vegan, sweets that are halal and sweets that make you happy – all served on high-quality cotton. Just in case you thought the perfect sweet didn’t exist!

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