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Paint your world with Rainbow Socks!

Posted On: 2022-08-18

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No matter your age, education or occupation, when the sun is shining through the drops of rain, you search for the same thing in the sky as we do - a rainbow. This beautiful arch radiating with colours is not just some meteorological phenomenon, don’t let them trick you, it’s real magic. After all, what symbolises a rainbow if not hope, new beginnings (and supposedly a way to the gold pot, but it’s yet to be proved)?

We’ve all seen a rainbow, but can you actually tell how many colours are in the rainbow? It’s not that easy, right? It took us some time to come up with them all. The common version says that there are seven of them. Going from the top of the arc, they go as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

How to remember the colours in the rainbow? You can note that they are going from the warm tones at the top to the cold shades at the bottom. The other way is to remember a slightly odd acronym ROYGBIV (pronounced like someone’s name - Roy G. Biv).
If you are more of a science type, you can remember the order by realizing that, at the top, there is the longest red wavelength going down to the shortest violet wavelength.

Fun fact! We know what we said about how many colours are in the rainbow. The fact is that there are more than seven - in reality, there are countless spectral colours that mix and overlap. Well, let’s stick to seven!

Two people in front of an easel, painting a rainbow with two sets of Rainbow Crayon Socks Boxes.

It’s no wonder that we choose this marvellous rainbow to name our brand! We can think of at least two reasons why there was no other option. We can offer you socks for every occasion in all the colours of the rainbow - both everyday cotton socks and comfortable sports pairs are available in all these invigorating shades. What’s more, these bright, inspired by all the colours of the rainbow socks will put everyone in a good mood!

You need to check these socks yourself! Not to mention the crazy, brilliant gift socks that will astound even the most creative artistic souls!

A box with a rainbow drawn with crayons next to someone’s feet in the Rainbow Crayon Socks.

Speaking of artistic souls - do you know any? Or maybe one of your close friends and family members has a creative side that would appreciate some stimulation? We have something just perfect! Socks in all the colours of the rainbow that come in a handy packaging of a set of crayons!

Can you think of any better gift for a creative person than a set of crayons? We can’t, so we offer you two pairs of socks packed like crayons in a box! With such a gift everyone can wear all the colours in the rainbow on their feet. We’re already feeling energized by the mere thought of that!

A woman laying on the floor, painting with crayons with the Rainbow Crayon Socks on her feet.

What is a rainbow, if not a magical, breathtaking view that brings positive feelings with all these fabulous and energizing colours? We’ve always wanted to keep this positivity for longer, and that’s why our socks are always available in all the colours of the rainbow!

Rainbows inspire and evoke the spirit of creativity, so to keep this enthusiasm up, you will certainly need an extraordinary crayon set and a good mood! You will find these in our store!

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