How has giving gifts become so popular?

Man and Woman unpacking funny socks as a gift

Posted On: 2022-02-10

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Some people say that receiving gifts is the best feeling ever, others prefer giving, but one thing links them all - a present.

Wrapped in shiny paper, carefully (or hastily) selected and given with love and care. We all connotate gifts with a warm, nice feeling. Every one of us has received a Valentine’s Day gift, a birthday present, surely a Christmas present, a one for Easter, a graduation gift - the occasions and gift ideas  are practically endless. 

We can give and receive all year round! Gift-giving can also be a surprise, and they say that it’s even more fun then.

Man giving a surprising gift to his girlfriend

Do you know the history of gifts? Does anyone actually reflect on the origins of celebrations and presents? We do, and we went through the history of gifts. It turned out that they played quite different roles a few centuries ago. Gifts weren’t the expressions of feelings, love or care. They were rather practical. People exchanged presents to avoid conflicts, maintain a positive relationship or keep an important person at their side. It was a way of doing business with no use of money.

Gift-giving was once a deliberate, measured and thoughtful art of diplomacy! Well, it’s not that different today.

Woman giving to a man moneybag socks, funny and original gift

What occasions and celebrations are now the best time to give presents to one another? Every day is a good day to express feelings, but some are even better:

  • Christmas - presents under a Christmas tree are the well-known symbol of Christmas. A colourful pair of socks is a classic gift for the occasion. The only question is, what do you value more - practical solutions, like warm cotton socks, or maybe fun and creative ideas, such as a sushi set?

Pizza Socks Box as a funny, unisex gift for Christmas

  • Birthdays - you don’t have to be a master of good manners to know that going to a birthday party without a gift is an unimaginable faux-pas. Don’t worry, you can always go for a simple present, in the same manner as our birthday set, or choose a more personalized gift - a set of socks for mechanics or some  pairs for garden lovers. A birthday boy or girl will appreciate something that relates to their hobbies!

Man and Women wearing colourful cotton happy birthday socks.

  • Success - celebrations of any success should involve small and thoughtful gifts. They allow you to express pride and happiness. Whether it’s an exam well-passed, a promotion for brave actions or any other success in private life, such as a new flat to renovate, you can find a suitable pair of socks in our Rainbow store.

Geometric Socks Box ideal gift for celebrating a success

Every few months, there is a great occasion to give somebody a thoughtful gift, but a spontaneous surprise would be very much appreciated. You don’t need to have a day marked in your calendar to buy someone a present. If you want to choose a small gift for no occasion or special celebrations, we recommend our category of gift ideas under 15 euros.

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