Pack light and set off on a journey! Easier said than done?

National socks as a must have for a stylish traveller!

Posted On: 2023-01-26

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A new year means new travel plans and exciting destinations to discover. Book a ticket, grab a suitcase, and start planning and packing. Unless your last holiday was so long ago, you no longer remember all the tricks and tips for packing. The last few years weren’t very travelling-friendly, but if you are back on the adventurous path, our Rainbow Socks’ tips will be a helping hand.

Ready to plan the best adventure so far?

Choose your destination

Yes, as if it was easy. Choose your destination when there are so many great places to visit, and you want to see each and every one of them! Well, you need to pick something, so why not start with some must-see places that are listed in every travel guidebook? So, do we start off on our journey?

First stop — Europe and its most famous spots.

If you don’t know where to go, Spain is always a good idea. Sun rays, great food, and exciting, energetic culture. People have been travelling to Spain in crowds for decades, and can you blame them? If you haven’t had a chance to visit Barcelona or Madrid, Seville, Mallorca, or Tenerife, we really don’t know what you are waiting for.

Is Spain too hot? That’s okay because we can take you right away to France! It’s romantic Paris for a couple’s weekend trip, Provence blooming with lavender, Nice, and Cannes with the best access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Maybe Germany is more to your taste? Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Munich are the bare minimum on your trip! If you are a fan of rain and unpredictable weather, there is always Great Britain with history lurking from every corner, from London, through Bath, Manchester, up to the Scottish Highlands.

What would you say about leaving the Old Continent? Feeling like an explorer discovering the New World? Let’s see what the United States has to offer. New York, of course, how could you miss it? There is also the West Coast and everything in the middle! A road trip, preferably through Route 66 (or what’s left of it), seems inevitable.

Funny gift idea for a lover of trips

Get ready for a flight, maybe a long one

Travelling starts to be fun when you are already at your destination, but before that, there is the worst part for many. A long flight. The best you can do is ensure that you have enough entertainment for the hours at an airport and on a plane.

Even the best book, game, or film will be of no use if you don’t feel comfortable in your plane seat. Make sure that you have your favourite pillow, if necessary, a comfortable pair of trousers, and, of course, non-binding socks. Why do you need them? During a plane flight, a heavy leg phenomenon might occur, which results from the low atmospheric pressure and your sitting position.

A pair of wrong socks might only make things worse by constricting the flow of blood in your legs. You can’t go without your socks on, can you? Your best option is a non-binding pair, which might also be a great idea for a gift for a traveller.

Man holding a map and national socks box

Pack your suitcase

Now, let’s move on to the dullest part, with your suitcase in the main role. How many pieces of clothing will you need on your trip, what about the weather, will it be raining, what if the temperature suddenly drops? So many questions, and almost impossible to answer them all. How to pack when you don’t know how to pack?

Try to take as many basic pieces as possible and dress in layers. If you care about your outfits, pick clothes that match everything else you have in your suitcase. Most important — don’t forget about your comfort. As you will be walking a lot (probably), you need to pack the right pair of shoes and, you guessed it, SOCKS!

Colourful socks with Austarlian patterns

We can’t think of a better pair for your travels than our national socks. They are comfortable, stylish, and decorated with the symbols of several countries, which might give an idea of which one to visit next! Get a pair for your suitcase and as a gift for the traveller in your family or group of friends! It will definitely speak to them.

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