The difference between latte and cappuccino. Is there any?

The difference between latte and cappuccino

Posted On: 2022-01-20

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This article is for all the coffee lovers who like to drink it, not contemplate it, so they still have difficulties differentiating the types of this beverage. We know it’s not that easy. Less milk, more coffee beans, a drop of chocolate, and we have three different coffee types.

The most confusing types are the ones that are seemingly the same. If you are not a fan of a cup of Americano or dark bitter espresso, then you will probably opt for some milky option. Alright, but which one? Cappuccino or latte? What is even the difference?

If you want to know the difference to make the right decision next time you’re at a café, we will explain it to you in detail. You will never again take a cup of cappuccino for a latte! Dive with us into the fascinating world of coffee.

1. Serving style

Have you ever noticed that coffee is served in different cups, depending on what you order? The serving style matters. You will get a cappuccino in a coffee cup, while your latte will be in a large glass. Well, if you get a coffee to go, as in the case of our takeaway coffee, you won’t see the difference in the cup, but every café admirer who spends time inside cosy coffee-houses will appreciate the right serving.

Iced Coffee Latte Socks for a coffee lover

2. Preparation

The main difference between cappuccino and latte lies in the method of preparation. Espresso is the base and essence of the beverage. After all, there would be no coffee without any coffee. Only one shot is enough, but don’t worry if you need invigorating, two shots are acceptable.

Then comes milk. Here, the two beverages part their ways. It all lies in the amount and the foam. A caffe latte is milkier than a cappuccino, and the foam is lighter. A beverage known as cappuccino is more layered, with a thick coat of foamed milk.

The order is the same in both cases. First the shots, then the addition of milk and foam. The outcome, however, is different, as is their tase.

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3. Time of the day 

The moment at which you drink your coffee also determines whether you will go for a latte or cappuccino. Did you know that?

In the morning, most of us want to energize and invigorate to keep the day going, but how to do this if you’re not drinking espresso or Americano? By making a cup of cappuccino! As it’s less milky, it will wake you up when you need it.

Latte is better for an afternoon break, time spent among friends, or during the early evening relaxation with a book.

Friends drinking latte and having fun

Now, when you know the difference between latte and cappuccino, you can comfortably visit any café you want. We hope that we explained this to you all in detail, and you will now enjoy a cup of tasty beverage, preferably with our comfortable socks on your feet.

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