Two words we use too rarely. Do you remember to say thank you?

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Posted On: 2023-02-16

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We have so many people in our lives that we underrate on a daily basis. Be honest, when was the last time you said thank you? Not thoughtlessly, this does not count. When was the last time you honestly and kindly said thank you for those little things that others have been doing for you?

It is nice when someone appreciates you, is it not? If you just nodded, think about all these good souls in your life that keep on doing good little things for you. You don’t give it much thought in your busy everyday schedule, but just imagine how great they would feel if you thanked them.

Let’s spread a bit of appreciation and gratitude. Put on your best smile, dig out a kind word from your busy mind, and get a little present ready to express your thanks. It’s advised to be a little more creative than a box of chocolates!

You might find it difficult to come up with all these people who deserve some gratitude, so let’s take a look at whom it might have been throughout your life.

Your schoolmate

How many times have you failed to prepare for an important test and do your homework? Who was there to help you and whisper a few hints to make sure that you got a good grade? Your schoolmate, a friend through thick and thin in your school years, surely deserved some appreciation.

A man looking at a woman that opens a box of Rainbow socks.

Your grandma

There’s no arguing with that — grandmothers are simply the best people in the whole world. Just remember, who makes the best, tastiest comfort food? How many things you were able to buy because of some extra cash from your grandma? You better buy her a great thank-you gift because she deserves it.

A man with this grandmother in Rainbow socks sitting on a sofa with a photo album.

Your neighbour

Do you remember that crazy party upstairs that could go wrong in many ways and keep you up all night, but your neighbour kept it under control? It’s not an easy job, so a thank-you surprising gift might be a good idea. If you were the one to hold the party, their patience certainly deserved gratitude.

A woman with another person in a jungle-themed room, wearing Rainbow party socks.

Your mum

There is one particular person that probably receives a lot of recognition and praise, and it is definitely deserved. Your mum is that special person that stands by your side throughout your life and knows everything.

Who can prepare your favourite food and always knows how to cheer you up? Who will hear you out when your heart is broken and bring you snacks when you’re up to your eyes in homework? Your mum knows where to find your favourite jumper, how to make the best homemade pizza, and how to make sure that your socks don’t get lost in a washing machine. That’s a lot to thank for, preferably with a surprising gift.

There are a lot more people in your life that deserve appreciation. If you need a “thank you” gift idea, we are more than happy to help you. A box of chocolates is nice, but so emotionless and impersonal. Put in some effort in this gift-giving process and express your gratitude with colourful socks, matched and tailored to everyone’s personality. That’s the best way to say thank you!

A woman with a lollipop holding a thank-you gift socks pack.

If you are not sure which pair would suit someone best, we have a great solution for that problem as well. We can present you with a universal “thank you” gift idea, a nicely packed “thank you” socks pair. They can perfectly convey a message you wish to communicate. Be grateful with our colourful socks!

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