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Posted On: 2021-03-15

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Author: Gosia

Well…that may happen virtually to anyone. The lulling sounds of air conditioning, the soft tapping on the keyboard, the enveloping feeling of cosiness... Time for a nap! Especially that today we’re celebrating the 15th of March which is… the National Napping Day! That’s, indeed, a perfect occasion to ask yourself some questions. Is napping always that bad and how to avoid it at work? Rainbow Socks holds all the answers!

William Anthony from Boston University proclaimed the National Napping Day in the US in the late ’90s. He wanted to bring attention to the fact, that napping can be beneficial for both physical health and the psyche. 10-20 minutes of snooze during the day can really improve your mood and productivity. But… it’s work time in the office then. What can we do? Let's take a look!

How to stay awake at work?

Lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress-related symptoms, and improving your creativity… dozing off can really do you good! Yup, but what does it matter if you’re at work and napping is out of the question? No worries, Rainbow Socks are coming to your aid. Here are some lifesavers to stay wide-awake:

  •        Boots are made for walking, use them! All right, but what are boots without Rainbow Socks? Take a stroll before work in our breathable Sports Socks and kick-start the oxygen flow in your body. Walking is a booster, really! A tip from Rainbow Socks pros: 10,000 steps a day can significantly improve your heart condition and even lower the risk of diabetes. Quite a deal, right?
  •        Let in some light into your workspace and… rainbow as well! – may your day shine just like your desk! Keeping things well-organised will help you focus. But even more important is the LIGHT. Keep your window shades open, and let the sunrays IN. Your body likes to know that it’s daytime. Introducing some light above the desk level is great, but getting a little bit of colour under it with Rainbow Socks is even better!
  •        Start with a coffee – but early, at the very beginning of your work. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and you can’t keep your body straight any longer. Caffeine absorbed when 9:00 strikes will keep your head up for long.

Jar of coffee, socks, coffee grinder, woman in the background

  •        Put a tune on! Pick your favourite playlist and move your head to it or… even better, tap your Rainbow Socks-clad foot to it. Move and listen to something that energizes you right from the first beat. That will work and you will too!

Office fun, a woman dancing during work, computer, notebook

  • We smell… vigour! Energetic scents, like lemon or… pizza? No, wait…it’s better to choose some orange or grapefruit scents. Breathe in, focus, and… get the job done once and for all!

Did we just mention pizza?...Oh right, but maybe later, as a well-deserved prize for the most efficient non-napping worker? Well about that! Consider wearing our Pizza Socks 1 Slice, just for a soothing reminder that there are still some juicy pizza slices waiting for your jaws somewhere…on the other side of the rainbow if you know what we mean. 

Pizza Socks, feet on tiptoes, red background

Coffee is ready, sir/ma’am!

But no matter what you come up with, a frothy…delicious…and…steamy coffee still pops up in your mind as the first and ultimate anti-napping solution. And if you are fed up with consuming large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis, we may have a perfect match in store for you. Freshly brewed, elegant, and comfy… Coffee Socks for real coffee lovers. Take a sip with our Rainbow Socks team, cheers!

People sitting in the cafe, feet on the table, wearing Coffee Socks, drinking coffee

What about those who are iced coffee enthusiasts? Well, let us present…Iced Coffee Socks. A truly perfect nap-preventing gadget for the spring sunny days in the office.

Hey you! Did we just catch you taking a break from your work? Aha! If you happen to be meandering with your mind somewhere around our Rainbow Socks kingdom, then consider yourself excused! Now, chop-chop and get back to work! Or… wait, you can take one more quick second to check our Women’s Day gift ideas. Anything that will keep you awake!

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