What are crew socks? Because length matters

We have colourful cotton socks for every occasion, from non-binding, through sports pairs and gift boxes — all in the comfy mid-calf length.

2023-03-09 Rainbowsocks blog
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Two words we use too rarely. Do you remember to say thank you?

If you are not sure which pair would suit someone best, we have a great solution for that problem as well. We can present you with a universal “thank you” gift idea, a nicely packed “thank you” socks pair. They can perfectly convey a message you wish to communicate....

2023-02-16 Rainbowsocks blog
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Pack light and set off on a journey! Easier said than done?

We can’t think of a better pair for your travels than our national socks. They are comfortable, stylish, and decorated with the symbols of several countries, which might give an idea of which one to visit next!

2023-01-26 Rainbowsocks blog
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If your wish is to know what to wish others for Christmas and New Year — here, it comes true!

As you’re getting ready for Christmas and the New Year, our Rainbow Socks team would like to wish you the merriest and whitest days filled with love, laughter, good food and warm socks.

2022-12-22 Rainbowsocks blog
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May your Christmas days be merry and your gifts nicely wrapped. With these tips, they shall!

In Rainbow Socks, we have much more shapes and forms to offer when it comes to our socks boxes. If you want to know how to pack a gift in some other odd shapes, check our Instagram page!

2022-12-15 Rainbowsocks blog
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Would you fancy a Secret Santa gift idea? Here are some Christmas elves’ tips!

Secret Santa gifts can be thoughtful, and with our ideas, it will only put a bow on this magical time. No matter if you are gifting your best friend or a colleague you scarcely know.

2022-11-24 Rainbowsocks blog
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Is keeping a woman happy a fool’s errand? Let’s see!

Whatever stories you might have heard about choosing the right gift for Christmas or any other occasion for your beloved woman, these are just legends.

2022-11-10 Rainbowsocks blog
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Your personal guide to finding a hobby

One thing that should be learnt as early as possible is the answer to the question “what is a hobby?”. It’s anything that you would gladly be doing all day long - except maybe mindlessly scrolling social media. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and do not bend over...

2022-10-13 Rainbowsocks blog
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When it’s not about the price-gift-giving on a low budget

Small gift ideas can beat the expensive presents and be even more surprising, fun and practical. That’s all a gift needs, it does not have to intimidate with its price tag.

2022-09-29 Rainbowsocks blog
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A surprise to knock your socks off

The main thing about surprises is that they are unexpected, either in form or time. Gifts in a box, mysterious and unpredictable (in a fun way), gifted when there are no reasons or occasions? That’s what we like!

2022-09-15 Rainbowsocks blog
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