5 ways to make this fall less depressing

Rainbow ideas how to get rid off autumn anxiety

Posted On: 2021-09-16

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Fall is not all about golden leaves, slowly dropping temperatures and pumpkins.

There is a lot of rain too ... It's grey, gloomy and depressing. This causes mood changes, the ever-present blues, and the vibe outside only makes it worse. So here are five ways to prevent autumn depression.

1. Watch a film

Watching a good film is a cure for almost anything. To make your decision easier, here is a list of the best fall movies of all time that will cheer you up when the weather is not in the mood.

  • You’ve got mail - Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Yes, please.
  • Practical Magic - a Halloween vibe with Sandra Bullock.
  • Autumn in New York - this one’s a sob story, but perfect for fall viewing.
  • Dracula - opting for some chills? Fall’s all about vampires, and there’s no better one than Dracula.

What’s a must-have when watching a film? A snack and warm socks, and you can have them both in our Pizza & Beer set.

Boxes of pizza and beer Rainbow Socks sets arranged on top of each other like real pizza boxes.

2. Bake

A nice, warm piece of pie. It’s a mood-changer when autumn depression is just around the corner.
When the weather outside is harsh, one of the best ways to deal with it is to make a cheesecake. Preferably in our comfy cheesecake socks. Here are some tips, how to bake the best cake ever:

  • Make sure that your cream cheese is the right temperature, ie. room temperature.
  • A bit of sour cream makes the cheesecake creamy.
  • Bake with a water bath, but make sure it’s leak-proof.
  • Keep the oven closed until the cheesecake is ready.
  • Cheesecakes don’t like to rush. Let it cool down slowly.

Oh, and don’t forget the cherry on top.

Three people making a cake together holding a cheesecake Rainbow Socks set in their hands.

3. Travel around the world but from home

Sounds impossible? How about a culinary journey around the world. Find recipes, and take yourself and your friends on a trip to an exotic country. Don't forget about the right outfit! Make some sushi wearing our matching sushi socks, or prepare tasty noodles while wearing them.

To make your journey at home more fun, we can take you to the USA with our burger socks or stright to Italy with a pizza set. You can have some Belgian fries with that, too.

4. Warm yourself up

There is nothing better to fight the gloomy weather and autumn depression than some hot cocoa. It is the answer to everything, and now you can wear it with our chocolate collections

How do you make the best hot chocolate? Use a lot of cocoa, milk and melted chocolate.
Some whipped cream is a must! Add cookies, marshmallows, or whatever sounds best to you.

A table set with sweets and chocolate Rainbow Socks sets arranged between them.

5. Excercise and fight back autumn depression

Exercise helps you warm up when it’s cold outside and will keep you in shape after hot cocoa, cheesecake and film nights. Slip into your tracksuit,our comfy indoor socks and sweat a bit.
You can do chair squats, bridges, knee push-ups, or a plank. Simple exercises are enough, or you can do some yoga.

A person's legs and feet in indoor Rainbow Socks during exercise on a mat.

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