Brace your feet for winter and protect them from getting cold!

No longer cold feet in winter – Rainbow tips

Posted On: 2021-12-16

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Winter might be a pretty season, with the ground covered in snow, but it’s also a terrible time for those who struggle with chilly feelings in their limbs. This year, don’t get cold feet with the first sight of snow and enjoy the season! How? Are there any magic tricks? Of course, here in Rainbow Socks, we know all about feet protection.

First things first - we need to understand why our feet get cold, so let’s turn to science! Once the body is cooling down, it gets a tough nut to crack - deciding which parts should be kept warm at all costs. You guessed right, it would always opt for the brain.

Even the youngest kids know that their grey matter is their most important component. They also know that in that case, they need to take better care of their freezing feet. Thus, they go to school equipped with notebooks but also comfy (and sensational) School Socks Box. You shouldn’t be any different! 

Father and Son studying together while wearing colourful School Socks

We all know that even though our body sacrifices feet for the brain every time, activities requiring straight thinking are way harder once they get cold. In other words, you do need good protection against cold feet!

1. Take care of your feet

When your feet are hidden in the socks and heavy boots, you don’t take as much time to care for them. Unfortunately, you make a big mistake because there is no better time to pamper your cold feet.

Severe weather harms your feet Dry and calloused skin, caused by the lower blood pressure, restricts the flow of blood even more. You know what it leads to - getting cold.

A simple recipe is to take superb care of those feet of yours. Moisturize them, use a nice-smelling peeling and do whatever feels nice. Once they look good, keep them warm but don’t hide them in fluffy socks. Instead, wear our Openwork Knee High Socks that will bring the best out of every woman’s feet.

Your trim and well-tended feet deserve it!

Feet in red Openwork Knee High Socks and cosmetics, a pair of shoes and a magazine around.

2. Sport gets you back on your feet

Without feet protection, the whole body might be getting cold when the temperature drops, and then you are prone to disease. As December starts, find a bit of time to do some exercises.

Sport is healthy, no doubt about this. It will not only help you recover from the common cold, but it will also improve the blood pressure in your body. Movement is the best blood cells booster, so it will warm your feet from inside!

How to exercise feet? You can use a ball with little spikes to move around with your foot. A good blood-rusher is also a swing, when you move from your toes to heels, or when you keep your foot up and swing it back and forth. Easy and effective! Although they are not difficult, you still need good feet protection. To avoid injury, wear our Non-Slip Socks!

Man and Woman doing workout in ABS non slip low cut sports socks

3. Socks - we hope you always have them on!

It goes without saying, we hope, that in winter a pair of socks is a must. In the house and when going outside, no exceptions. They keep feet warm and might be a great accessory for every occasion. Although we love Cotton Ankle Socks in vivid colours, we genuinely recommend them for spring and summer days. For winter, we have something better. Socks that warm you from toes to calves, like Cotton Crew Socks or more traditional Terry Cotton Socks in Winter version (and regular Terry Cotton Socks for autumn).

We even have something to cover your freezing knees! Choose one of Knee High Cotton Pairs for protection against cold feet.

Woman wearing colourful cotton knee high socks

As you can see, keeping feet warm in winter is not a mission impossible. You only need to stick to our golden rules, make your blood rush and socks on while patiently waiting for summer!

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