Socks as a gift - the easy way out. Is it?

Socks are not a banal idea for Christmas!

Posted On: 2021-12-02

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People all around the world know that Christmas trees, ornaments, Christmas carols are not magical enough if there are no colourful socks on everyone’s feet. Even those who are all serious every day, put them on once the bells start to jingle.

Hands up if you’ve at least once gifted someone with a pair of socks during Christmas! We’ve all done that, but not because there were no other ideas. Socks don’t have to be a clichéd Christmas present, especially if they are our Rainbow ones!

If you look on a Google ranking of the best Christmas presents, you won’t find socks in the top suggestions - gaming sets, cosmetics, sports equipment, those are all far more popular gifts than socks.

A graphic with gaming accessories, sports equipment and beauty products.

We agree upon the fact that socks are not that banal, but this doesn’t change the fact that sometimes they can be disappointing. They are not in the right colour, their pattern is too bold, or they don’t go with somebody’s clothes.

These things happen, but luckily, you have us to tell you how to select the right pair. Keep reading!

1. Fun socks

Imagine how amazed a person who has never heard about Rainbow Socks would be when they open up a box with socks finely packed in the form of Tasty food or in other crazy ways! A fun present is not only about goofy patterns, bright colours and such - it’s also a way of packing that matters.

In Rainbow Socks, we make every effort to create boxes of socks that resemble food or simply look nice. We have a whole collection of food products, like our Meal Socks Box, tasty-looking Pizza Socks Box, sweet Chocolate Socks Boxes and a great number of others.

You can also choose sets packed nicely in a pretty box that contain thematically-related pairs, like Nurse Socks Box for nurses and Doctor Socks Box for doctors or Fun Socks Box for party games lovers.

Taty socks in an original packaging by Rainbow Socks as a Christmas gift

2. Christmas socks 

Christmassy socks are not dull but a must-have if you want to feel the real spirit of this time of year. We can offer you a variety of great pairs, and some of them can even replace your Christmas tree ornaments. Surprised? So take a look at Christmas Balls with lovely packaging and three different pairs to suit everyone’s tastes.

Christmas Balls by Rainbow Socks, ideal gift under the Christmas Tree

3. Sport socks

Sports socks as a gift? Yes, because these are no ordinary socks. Rainbow pairs are comfortable and ensure safety during training. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which pair would be best - we have a vast choice! We suggest cotton socks for a start, especially if you don’t know what type of activity a person prefers.

Woman wearing cotton crew ABS socks

4. A pair like no other

We know that some of you might consider socks as an unoriginal gift, but sometimes people find it hard to buy a comfortable pair - we’ve already covered that topic. If you have a chance to give them one, you better not hesitate.

In Rainbow Socks, you can find safe, enjoyable, cosy socks like one of Sensitive Feet pairs. You can go for a non-binding pair or non-slip socks for safety.

Colourful and safe socks for diabetics

Do you still consider socks as a banal, dull present? Or maybe you buy and put them under a Christmas tree every year, and no one has ever complained? Tell us what you think about a fun pair as a present in a comment below!

If you consider buying our socks, but you have trouble deciding on the best options, we have a great solution - our Voucher that you can give to a close one!

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