How to fold your socks like a pro? Learn some Rainbow Socks tips!

Rainbow Socks ideas on how to become a master of folding socks

Posted On: 2022-03-31

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Many skills can prove useful in life, it’s worth knowing how to cook or ride a bike, but some of them persistently remain unappreciated. Like folding socks.

The main reason to master this skill of perfect folding is to avoid losing a sock. Everyone has been through this, and we all have lost socks in a washing machine. There is even a whole arrticle on the subject to let you beat the unbeatable sock-devouring machine.

Sometimes, however, you can fight the washing machine all you want, and still, one lonely sock goes missing in the jungle of your drawer.

How to keep paired socks together at all times? If it’s a problem that keeps you awake at night, Rainbow Socks is coming to the rescue. Learn some of our tips for the missing socks and become the master of socks folding (it could be a great party trick, too, definitely a unique one!).


Folding socks into triangles might sound banal, but if you have the right colourful socks, even simple geometrical figures look spectacular. If you tuck your socks together into a triangle, they will look like a tasty pizza slice, aromatic cheese or a delicious piece of cheesecake. We are sure that the socks will be easy to fold, but we can’t promise you that it will be easy not to get hungry just by looking at them!

Yellow Cheese Socks for Men and Women folded into triangle


Such a way of folding socks is quick and effortless. You just tuck one inside the other. Perfect solution for those of us who are a bit lazy (who isn’t?) or have no time to practice socks folding. As you can see, in the case of our cactus pair or a moneybag, a ball of socks can be both practical (to avoid losing socks in the drawer) and aesthetic!

Green Cactus Socks Box folded into ball


Here’s a solution for those who like to have everything nicely organized, clean and tidy. Outwit the missing socks and put them in one box. We recommend combining them thematically, like our party box or a garden set, or mixing them however you like. Match them with regard to colours, patterns, textures, sizes, whatever you want. Just make sure that you have paired socks for every occasion!

Colourful cotton emoji socks packed in the separate box

If you have a nice pair of colourful socks, it would be a shame to lose one of them. Of course, these things happen - been there, done that - but you can avoid organizing the search party for one of your missing socks. It’s enough that you follow our (simple) rules for washing and folding all of your pairs to become the Lord of the Socks - a great title, indeed. There are numerous ways to tuck and wrap, and we’re the ones to know a bit about this subject. If you are looking for some inspiration, you can always scroll through our store to see how our team likes to fold!

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