3 ways to implement daily rituals into your life

Good things take time and start from implementing the routine

Posted On: 2022-01-06

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Should you believe all those people in social media that daily routine is what can really make you happier? Well, in this case, yes - you will mark our words.

Rituals - it’s a pompous word that we connotate with something truly important, like asking gods for forgiveness, bringing the rain down on earth or something of this sort. Aren’t we, like, too “civilized” for it?
Let’s see what dictionaries have to say in the matter: ritual (n.) - a way of doing something, in the same way, every time. A daily routine would be a set of actions performed in order, which gives something meaning and lets you focus on it, so it becomes a custom or a ritual.

Did this definition help you understand its importance? Not really? Yeah, we thought so. It’s enough to know that daily rituals can guarantee you a happy life, and here’s how to implement them on an everyday basis.

Every ritual needs to be intellectually satisfying

To create a happy life, you need to lead a conscious life. How do you expect to be joyful, when you don’t care what you're doing. As they say, treat every minute like it was your last (or whatever motivates you) and focus on your actions. You need to know what makes you content.

What is the hardest routine to implement into your life? Physical activity! Imagine that you know how every exercise influences your muscles, you almost feel the parts of your body bettering themselves. You already feel motivated to do some squats, aren’t you?

Your daily routine gets even more habitual when you know the subject inside-out. When you are aware that everything influences your training - from the equipment you use to the clothes you wear, you can make the exercising session as good as possible. Look at socks. When they are non-slippery, made of breathable fabric and comfortable, you can’t stop working out - and you don’t even want to, it’s so pleasing.

Choose Knee High Sports Socks, comfortable non-slip Crew Cotton Socks, or a fun NEON Sports Pair to start your daily routine adequately.

Group of friends working out and having fun together

Every ritual needs to be emotionally satisfying

The actions that you find pleasant will have a better chance of becoming your habit. We’re really sorry, but if you hate something, you’re not going to turn it into your routine. It’s not a happy life if you force yourself every day and regret every minute of those habits.

Your daily rituals can be as enjoyable as you like. Yes, even a morning cup of coffee can be a routine (here’s your excuse to drink it). Make it a habit to get up early, prepare a delicious breakfast, like a fresh croissant or honey oatmeal and have a hot beverage - Americano, stimulating espresso, sweet cappuccino or latte. You will hate us for the first few days for getting up early, but then it will become your favourite part of the day.

Maybe you can just enjoy the mornings when preparing an outfit. You know that our socks brighten up every day.

Man and woman wearing colourful cotton honey jar socks during breakfast

Every ritual needs a meaning

A routine needs to make sense - at least to you. If only you know the reason for doing something, then even folding up a pair of favourite socks every evening can be a ritual that makes you happy. No one else needs to get it - but you certainly do. Think through why you want to make something your routine before you give it a whirl, and only then create opportunities for some me-time.

We know this is a lot to think about. Which rituals to keep, what is only a waste of time? So many questions, so few answers. We recommend slipping into lazy socks and building habits on a couch by contemplating your daily routine.

Time for a relax in a Lazy ABS Socks

Now you know why all these people keep bragging about their skincare routine, training routine, healthy habits - they are not easy to implement but really worth the effort. Try it yourself, and let us know what rituals work best for you.

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