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Posted On: 2022-07-21

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We all like to watch some sports from time to time and cheer on our favourite teams and players. However, it takes a real fan and enthusiast time to know all these details about a given game. For example, how many sports are in the Olympics? Every ardent fan knows that there are often some new sports both in the summer and winter versions, so you always have to look it up!

Do you have numerous questions about certain sports but no one to ask? Maybe you want to impress someone with your sports-related knowledge? Don’t worry, we’ve always got your back and this time, we have some sports facts that will resolve all doubts! In the Rainbow Socks store, you will find a perfect pair of sports socks for you to match this new knowledge of yours!


One of the most popular sports is basketball, but let’s be honest, how many of us actually know what are the positions in basketball? We get the rules, more or less, but what is every one of these players supposed to do during the game?

Next time you have a chance to watch a game, leave your friends open-mouthed by explaining to them what are the positions in basketball, which go as follows - a centre, a power forward, a small forward, a point guard, and a shooting guard. What all of them do is a tougher nut to crack, so let’s start with learning their names. If you are about to play yourself, don’t forget to put on the right basketball socks made of the finest breathable cotton and with the only right pattern for a court.

A group of people sitting on a basketball court wearing the Rainbow Socks Basketball socks.


You will be able to count the countries without a football team on the fingers of one hand, as this sport is the most popular one in the world. How did it all start, and when football was invented though? We bet even the truest of fans do not know that!

The truth is that some forms of what we would call football-resembling games were known in ancient times. A ball, a group of players who kick this ball and some simple rules. Well, modern football is much more than that and its final version appeared only in the 19th century in England. In 1863, the Football Association codified the rules, so we can say that it’s the date when football was invented.

Today, thousands of people play football, professionally or for fun, as you don’t need much to start - just a pair of comfortable shoes and a pair of high-quality socks, preferably in the right theme to get you in the competitive mood.

A person on a football pitch with a real ball and three sets of Football socks by Rainbow Socks.


Some sports, like golf, are not easily available to everyone, but they are really worth a try. What’s more, they do have the potential to become your next favourite pastime activity. Before you start engaging in certain activities, you might want to get familiar with the rules and various terms.

Let’s assume that you want to take up golf. What is mulligan, you might probably ask in your first lesson? This mystery term simply means a stroke from the exact same spot as the one before. Its main purpose is to re-do the shot as if the first one never happened. Bad news - this is not allowed in professional golf. What is mulligan for if it’s not really allowed? Its main purpose is to save time, it would seem.

If you dream of becoming the next Tiger Woods of golf or you know someone who likes to stroke a golf ball, we have a great idea for a thematic gift. A pair of golf socks in the ball-like packaging will certainly help you hit all the holes!

Two people on a golf course wearing the Rainbow Socks Golf socks, surrounded by golf balls.


Yet another sport that seems a bit complicated to the inexperienced is tennis. How to score in this sport? It does seem like a mystery for many. Here are the rules in a nutshell - a point is lost if you let the ball bounce on your side more than once, touch the ball two times with the rocket or even once with anything else than the rocket, touch the net with anything, and in a few other situations.

A troubling issue is also the scoring system in tennis. How to score and how to win are two different matters. Generally, you need four points for a won game, six winning games for a set, and two or three sets give you a match won. Once you get a grasp of tennis, put on a polo shirt and a pair of appropriate socks made of the finest certified cotton and do your best!

Two people on a tennis court with tennis balls and rockets, wearing the Rainbow Socks tennis socks.


If you’ve always wanted to play volleyball, but never had enough courage to try, hesitate no more! The volleyball world is a great place for everybody who only has motivation and enthusiasm for practice. You don’t need to invest much as a beginner, just find the right sports club near you and work your funky volleyball socks off to become a great volleyball player! The volleyball world is waiting for you!

The Rainbow Socks Volleyball socks on the sand with people playing beach volleyball in the background.

Now, when you know how many sports are in the Olympics, how to score in tennis or when football started, you have no excuses left and you need to go from theory to practice. Go for a match with your favourite team, watch a game with friends or try doing some of these sports yourself! In all of these situations, a pair of comfortable sports socks will prove to be invaluable, so check the Rainbow Socks collection and have fun!

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