4 things that make Christmas count

Time to start christmas preparations for real!

Posted On: 2021-11-19

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How can anyone not like Christmas? It’s a magical, jolly time that everyone waits for - not only children but adults too. Do you know how to prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming Christmas Day? It’s not as easy as it might seem, as there are quite a few things that add up to this unique spirit. Christmas must-haves, in other words.

We’ve prepared a list of all you might need for a Christmas countdown to get yourself in the right mood. Check it out and cross out next items as THE day is getting closer.

1. Christmas song

Does it even count if you don’t hum Christmas melodies while cooking and decorating your house, or if you don’t scream at the top of your lungs that this year you’re giving your heart to someone special? Christmas songs are definitely on the list of elements constituting the right mood and spirit.

Do you need inspiration for a Christmas playlist? Well, off the top of our head - Last Christmas by Wham!, obviously. We have other ideas, too, and here’s a short Rainbow Socks playlist to sweeten the wait:

Shots from Christmas music videos and Rainbow Socks Sets photos

2. Christmas outfit

Can you imagine entering Christmas without a proper outfit? No red clothes, no Rudolph-the-Reindeer-styled sweater? Regular, everyday clothes will certainly not do! If you want to get in the right mood, you have to be Christmassy enough.
We hope we don’t have to remind you what part of your outfit should be in the most festive style of all, right? Socks, of course. If you don’t have the right pair, our Rainbow Christmas Socks Box will help you out.

A little boy in a Christmas sweater and two adults wearing Rainbow Christmas Socks.

3. Christmas Tree

This one might be a bit obvious, but is there even Christmas without a Christmas tree? Everyone loves to decorate it with all those sparkly ornaments, baubles, and lights. As you probably buy new ones every year, maybe this time you will use something unique for a decoration? Our Rainbow Christmas Balls will look perfect on your tree - available soon on Rainbow Socks!

Christmas Balls by Rainbow Socks, ideal gift under the Christmas Tree

4. Christmas presents

One of the best things about Christmas is that you can gift your friends and family something nice. Presents under a Christmas tree are what everybody’s really waiting for.

What’s a Christmas must-have under a decorated tree? Yes, socks. Colourful, funky, and unique - simply, our Rainbow Socks. If you look for inspiration, you can always check our Christmas Gifts category .

To make Christmas shopping even easier, we offer special vouchers for those who want to gift their family with cool socks but don’t know which design would suit them best. What’s more, we offer free worldwide delivery - you only need to choose the products you like, and this is not easy, believe us.

Rainbow Christmas Socks that are great as a Christmas present

Are you ready for Christmas, or is there anything else on the list that you need to take care of? We certainly can’t wait, and we’ve already started a Christmas countdown in our Rainbow Socks’ colourful world!

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