What are crew socks? Because length matters

What are crew socks?

Posted On: 2023-03-09

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Shopping for a new pair of socks, scrolling through the online stores, and all you can find is some crew, no-show, low-cut socks, and all that? What does this even mean, and how can you choose the right pair? Long story short, in most cases, go for crew socks. Why? Because they have the perfect length. Let us explain it to you.

As the name does not suggest, crew socks are something between the ankle and knee-high socks. They cover the bottom half of a calf and might be cuffed at the top or pulled up. The texture of these socks is designed to keep them in place.

Why are they called crew socks if it indicates nothing about their type or length? It comes from naval regulations, as the ship’s crew is commanded to comply with the general rules and keep their garment standardized. As these socks are comfortable, they were adopted worldwide, along with the name.

Graphics presenting different types of length of socks

We adore patterned socks in a mid-calf length, that’s why all our gift boxes include such pairs. Why do we prefer this type of socks? Let’s see. They are universal, and perfect for everybody, regardless of their age, preferences, and needs. They will warm up an always-cold person, but what’s even more important — they simply look good.

Crew socks catch the eye as they are not hidden in shoes like ankle ones. This means that they become a canvas for your creativity. You can use colourful cotton socks to demonstrate and manifest your personality and style. Subtly but with an edge!

A woman and a man sitting on the ground and drawing, wearing Rainbow Socks.

Why have crew socks gotten out of the naval deck straight on dry land? Because they are perfect for everyday situations, and we all love wearing them with our casual and more elegant outfits. As they are longer than the ankle pairs, our patterned socks prevent shoe bites after a long day, and they peep out of the trousers, which makes them an ideal accessory, even for a suit.

A man in a suit and green Rainbow Socks beside a coffee table with a laptop.

Now, as you already know what is hidden behind these mysterious crew socks, you can proceed to choose the best pair for yourself. We all know you could use one, so just go and check our collections. We have colourful cotton socks for every occasion, from non-binding, through sports pairs and gift boxes — all in the comfy mid-calf length.

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