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  • Food Truck Socks Box 3 Pairs

    27.99 €

    Food Trucks are known everywhere! That is why the newest product – Food Truck Socks Box 3 Pairs – has been added to  Rainbow Socks’ portfolio. These colourful socks looking like real food will definitely please everyone who loves street delicacies. This set comprises classic burger socks and beer socks in a can. Surprise your dearest ones and give them this original unisex gift.

  • Sushi Socks Box 2 Pairs: Tuna Maki Tuna

    17.99 €

    A unique set of two pairs of socks that resemble real sushi is a perfect option for every fashionista crazy in love with traditional Japanese sushi! Our socks are characterized by their original patterns. The main compound of our socks is certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton. The cotton is a material of plant origin, it provides the right level of ventilation, safety for the skin as well as the comfort of wearing throughout a day. Thanks to their visually appealing aesthetic, the socks work well with many different outfits. Additionally, our sushi socks are served in an original box decorated with ginger, wasabi, and soya sauce made of cloth. It is a perfect ready-made gift for many different occasions that will bring lots of laughter and surprise elements to every party!

  • Pizza & Beer Socks Box 5 Pairs

    34.99 €

    Are you a fan of movie nights with your friends? If so, you surely know that a Pizza & Beer set always makes them better! Pizza & Beer Socks Box has been created with party lovers and fans of colourful accessories in mind. Try out our newest socks – they are not only a perfect gift for your best friend but also a practical present that you’ll wear on cold evenings! 

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    Meal Socks Box 5 pairs

    34.99 €

    This time, real fast food lovers surely won’t pass indifferently by the newest item available on the Rainbow Socks Menu. Our Meal Socks Box is a set of high-quality food-resembling socks comprising  5 original pairs. No matter which one is your favourite – burger, fries, or beer, this time you can have them all. Enjoy the socks meal by yourself or make a surprising gift for your friend.

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    Fries Socks Box 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables that give you many options for food. One of them is of course the popular and tasty fries! And even better takeaway fries that make a perfect snack during the day! But hey! Don't worry about your perfect shape! Our fries are totally calories-free and healthy! Why? Oh, cause you don't eat them, you wear them... on your feet! ;)

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    Burger Socks Box 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    Would you like to taste our unique burger socks? - Medium rare, blue, or well-done? If you know the meaning of those terms, this is a sign that the burger socks are for you!

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    Vegan Burger Socks Box 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    Are you a burger enthusiast but also a vegan? Are you looking for a perfect tasty bun, fresh crunchy veggies, and tasty sauce? Are you ready for a totally new and vegan meal? If yes, we would like to introduce you to a new product in our shop – Burger Vegan Socks Box. They are perfect for every vegan who likes to share their food with others in a new original way! 

  • Sushi Socks Box 1 Pair: Octopus Brown

    9.99 €

    Our line of sushi socks is just perfect for everyone who loves these tasty traditional Japanese meals. The idea for this product has been brought to life recently and is already  loved by many! This time we would like to offer you a unique set of socks that looks just like real maki with fresh octopus. 

  • Jar Socks: Pears & Strawberries 2 pairs

    19.99 €

    Rainbow Socks' Jar Socks are our another and yet the most creative idea of serving extremely fashionable coloUrful socks with original patterns. Thanks to high-quality materials used to produce our socks, and original, plastic jars we are able to offer perfect, ready-made gifts that will not only surprise the gifted person but also will be extremely practical. Our line of Jar Socks by Rainbow Socks is characterized by a vast variety of coloUrs and patterns available. Our socks were inspired by the tastiest fruit and vegetables that can be found in our home pastries such as carrots, pickles, lemons, red and yellow belly peppers as well as green peas. Each jar contains two pair of socks with two different patterns. One visible outside from the jar and the second one is hidden inside.

  • Gentlemen Socks Box 3 Pairs

    19.99 €

    Gentleman Socks Box is designed for every man who loves comfort, values their style, and, most importantly, likes to highlight their personality. The colourful and comfortable socks are a fashionable accessory addition to every outfit.  Our Gentleman Socks Box makes a perfect gift for every man who loves unique and original style. Gentleman Socks Box is another addition to our long line of original and unique socks line. We are a family business located in Central Europe. For Generation we've been producing socks, further developing our experience and passion. We use only high-quality socks such as certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton which guarantees safety, comfort, and the highest quality of our socks. 

  • Mechanic Socks Box 3 Pairs

    19.99 €

    Mechanic Socks Box by Rainbow Socks is not only a fashionable accessory but also a practical addition to many different outfits. Bright socks and original patterns look great with causal everyday outfits but also formal and smart wearings requiring a suit or a tie. If your friends, family members, or relatives are such tinkering enthusiasts, Mechanic Socks Box will make an original and fun gift. Just like car workshops are often family business, our company is a family business with strong traditions and strict production standards. We use materials of the highest quality such as certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton which ensures breathability. 

  • Dad Socks Box 3 Pairs

    19.99 €

    Everybody knows how busy young dads are! Especially just after their newborn baby finally arrives. They usually take care of the baby, prepare their houses but do they remember to take care of themselves? Make sure that their safety and comfort are guaranteed and surprise them with this unique set of socks designed especially for future and young dads! The socks are available in a sky blue set for daddies. They are available in various different sizes.

Socks resembling favourite foods from around the world  will attract not only their biggest fans, but also occasional gourmets! An American burger doesn't have to lay on the calories. Its greatest admirers can enjoy one every day! There is also a version for vegetarians and vegans. The triangular Italian delicacy - pizza known all over the world with many toppings, can also be served on the feet. Let’s not forget about a well-known and loved delicacy from Japan – sushi. Nigiri, Maki, Tamago sold individually or in a smaller set only for him or larger also for his family and friends. More traditionally, we offer symbols of passion enclosed in a gift box:wrenches, racks, screws for a professional or hobbyist mechanic, automotive lover or just a DIY enthusiast. A modern gentleman does not need to drink whiskey, smoke a cigar or have a mustache. Every lover of Scottish, Cuban cigars or classic accessories such as a hat and a bow tie can always have them with him, on his feet. Rainbow Socks are designed not only for the brave but also traditionalists. High-quality socks made of OEKO-TEX certified yarns: cotton, elastane, polyamide. Patterns and colours for everyone! Basic colours for businessmen, as well as colourful socks for casual outfits or simply as a distinctive accessory. The socks range is so broad that you can find socks for all daily challenges. All of our socks make men look more attractive not only to women but also to themselves. Rainbow Socks - Where feet and colours meet.