Perfect Valentine’s Day - 3 golden rules

Romantic Valentine's Day with original gifts

Posted On: 2022-01-27

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It’s this time of the year when Cupid starts to lurk from every corner as Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching. Now is the best moment to start searching for ideas and gifts for your loved one before it’s too late. We believe that you want to save yourself some trouble and stress and be fully ready when the day comes.

Regardless of whether you have the idea or you’re still searching for inspiration, we present you with three golden rules for romantic Valentine’s Day. You can use them all (in no particular order) or choose one that seems best for you two. Check our ideas and celebrate love with joy!

1. Romantic candlelight dinner 

So cliché, you would say. A romantic dinner in the candlelight will make everyone happy, so why does it matter that it’s unoriginal? It’s a Valentine’s Day’s must. At home or at a restaurant, cooked by you or catered - it’s the gesture that counts.

One important detail is that the dinner should relate to some memories you two have. Maybe you ate pizza on your first date, or your loved one loves burgers? What about that sushi place you really like? Pick a restaurant or a dish that resonates with your relationship to make this dinner a night to remember. You can even wear our socks that will match the food - this is non-cliché, right?

Couple during the date at Italian restaurant holding colourful pizza socks

2. A gift - flowers, as always?

Valentine’s Day is about love and celebrating it, but no one has yet come up with a better idea to express feelings than by gifts. They are an inseparable element of this holiday. Don’t worry if you have no idea for a perfect present. We thought it through, and we can say that classic solutions are the best - flowers, especially roses, for a romantic Valentine’s Day will do.

Well, you can still make the gift more surprising and instead of real flowers, gift your loved one with our roses socks box. It is equally beautiful, but definitely lasts longer. 

Man giving his girlfriend a bunch of roses socks packed in an original box

3. Watching a film together

Some people don’t need grand gestures to know that they are loved and cared for, despite the mainstream narrative. Spending time together might be enough, especially if you add something pleasant, like watching a film together. It might be a romantic comedy, but it’s not a rule. You can watch a horror film on Valentine’s Day - nobody checks what you two watch!

A film night doesn’t even have to be out in the town, you can make a cinema at your house. You only need proper ambience, which includes a popcorn box and your favourite snacks - what’s a film night without pizza and beer? As you’re organizing a film show at home, take care of your loved one’s comfort. There is nothing more cosy and enjoyable for such an occasion than our lazy socks. Let yourselves get idle this Valentine’s Day and enjoy each other!

Boyfriend and girlfriend on the date at home holding popcorn and wearing popcorn socks

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and the best way to express feelings is through care, little gestures and, well, some gifts. Everyone likes to get presents, and these romantic ones are even better. If you don’t know what to buy, check our categories - gifts for her and gifts for him. Appreciate your loved one!

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